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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Quilt or two to share

Welcome back and thank you for visiting ...

A few weeks ago, I promised to share some of the quilts I've made over the past year while I was absent from blogging and I believe I've retrieved pictures most of the quilts I've created. Some you may have seen already, some not ... so forgive me if I repeat myself.  I know I've shared a few of these with my family on Facebook because I was pretty pleased with the results and just needed to let them know I was still alive and kicking after hermit-ting myself in the sewing room for so long!

Christia's Baby Quilt

Blanche's Memorial T-Shirt Quilt 
actually a year and a half ago ... but 
I love this different take for me on a t-shirt quilt

My current project is one like the tale of the shoe cobbler and his children going without shoes ... my daughter Abbie asked me for a quilt that she could use during the warmer months in Montana when the one she has now for winter months ... which is backed with Minkee ... is too hot.  This is my progress and her birthday was last week:

But as my adorable baby girl is now turning eleven .... 

I was able to explain the situation to her and show her my progress on her quilt, she was understanding ... this time. Love my baby girl ... though she seems to be growing up so fast as most mothers are want to say! 

And on that note, I best be getting back to Abbie's quilt as I have more on the table lining up behind this project ... I'll be back to share, as quilting has become my therapy these days! And what blessed therapy it is!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me and for being such wonderful companions and cheerleaders for me along my journey.

Bless y'all and happy stitching!


  1. You have been busy and the results are wonderful.

  2. Wow so beautiful
    Hugs and smiles x

  3. love all of your quilts!!!!

  4. You've definitely accomplished a lot in the past year.