In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well... And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.Romans 12:6-8

Monday, March 27, 2017


Every day we have a choice... or so we think.

I made choice to start blogging again. I was really excited about my choice to get back into a creative mean that gave me some relief and some inspiration to go along with my stitching and artistic craft work.

Week one.

I was even lucky enough to find a new-to-me local quilt shop that recently opened where I live ... Fabric for the Flock.  Miss Karla is a very sweet lady and actually opened in October of 2016. I'm hoping to spend a bit more time there as y'all might imagine *grin*.    Even made a short road trip out of town ... to find a quilt shop or two for fabric stash fillers needed for upcoming projects:  
Fabric on right is for a soon to be made baby-blanket.

Tuesday I caught a flu bug.  A bug that kept me home from work for a week ... You know one of those that you feel like you should be at work but you can't be? The kind that you are up and and fell like you should be doing something ... anything ... but don't have the energy? Ugh!  I was home for a week and I could not even think about sewing ... my worst possible waste of energy! Trust me, for that waste of time, I would have rather been at work!  I was HOME and couldn't even SEW!  

I know, I know ... I hear y'all now ... I must've needed the rest.  Yes, I got it. But good intentions aside, I also fell out of my new mo-jo of getting back into blogging.... insert sad face here....


Week two.

I recover from aforementioned flu bug enough to return to work -- yay me! -- and return to the land of the living... or at least those that either survived or hadn't yet succumbed to the beast of a bug in the office ... and begin to once again made my choices about what I want to do each day. What it is I'm going to work on, sew on, do, each evening after work ... I did get a few things sewn, 

Yep ... couple more bags ... but still, sewing!

Week three.

I get a call at work on Wednesday. 

One of "those" calls. 

Life stops. 

Everything stops.

"Nothing else matters."

"Where are you at?"

"I'll be there for you." 

The family that took me ... a wide-eyed, naive and oblivious pacific northwestern girl from Montana, brand new to Mid-South, Memphis city living ... took me in as a daughter, sister, best friend, and my own daughters in as granddaughters and nieces ... suffered a major shock.  Miss Ann passed away.

Miss Ann ... momma to my dear friend, a couple of weeks away from becoming a great-grammie for the first time, wife to Mr. Jimmy for fifty-nine years ... adopted momma to me since moving here ...


Miss Ann's services were held for her journey to Heaven ... God bless you Miss Ann. You will truly be missed.


Choices. We have now. We don't know what our next moments will bring. I choose to give compliments where I can. I choose to give kindnesses where I can. I choose to share smiles when I can. I choose to live as good as I can while I can. 

I have chosen to start making a life for myself. Granted it's not the life I had planned or even dreamed of, but it's the life I have right now. None of us are promised tomorrow. None of us are promised the next hour. 

I am choosing to forgive myself for my own perceived failures. I am choosing to let go of the past. I am choosing to make the best with what I have to work with right now. I am choosing .... well, I am choosing to let go and let God take care of the rest .. He is in control. He has my life in His hands ... and the lives of all of those that I love and care for and for the new friends that have come into my life and have generously opened their hearts and homes to welcome me.

I stress again to those of you new to this blog ... I am now and have always been solid in my faith and belief in God. He has been with me longer than I can remember and has never abandoned me, no matter how the situation, I know I have never been alone.

I also count on influences such as Mother Teresa. In fact, it is one of her quotes I have printed and sitting on my desk at work that I read every day:

It is my choice to live this way. If you chose not to believe as I, that is your choice and I respect your choice. Please respect mine and do not leave negative or discouraging comments here.  We have enough negative in this world already.

In fact, I want to start promoting others on this blog every now and again for their work and their kindnesses. Some are just starting out and some have worked behind the scenes for a very long time.  Either way, everyone could use a kindness, it is our choice, you see, in how we treat others.  

For those of you that continue to come back and visit me here, and those of you that leave your kind words of encouragement ... I am so very, very grateful to you. Thank you. I am blessed. You honor me. 

I wish y'all happy in the choices you make hereafter.


  1. First of all, ... I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you will miss her. Stay strong dear friend.

    Glad to read that you find such a wonderful quilt shop and I see you bought some beautiful fabrics. love the bags you made.
    Beautiful quote from Mother Teresa, she is a wise woman.
    I think that everyone has to have their own believe, no matter what that is. We should respect every religion there is.
    You gave me a smile when I read your blog post about making choices. You are a strong woman that you can write it down and share it with is.
    Take care my friend.

  2. :) I like you the face of life. Blessings.

  3. I'm so sorry, Wendy. We do have choices and it sounds as though you are making the right ones for you. Bless you and I can't wait to see some creative sewing.

  4. My observations are that you have been a God send for your Mid-South family. The sincerity and thoughtfulness shines through in everything you do. Stay as you are and know your "choices" have been on the mark, keep it up. By the way, I will call you about a friends upcoming life event I would like to commemorate with a quilt.

  5. I am so sorry. She will be sadly missed by everyone. I think following Mother Teresa's life choices is a fabulous idea.

  6. Sorry for your loss. Live, laugh, love because we don't know when our last breath will be. My Aunt went into the hospital and passed away March 10th. It was a shock especially to my Mother since she was the baby of the family and 7 years younger than Mom. People don't always die according to age, sometimes sadly parents have to bury their children...I see it time and time again. I now have no aunts or uncles but I'm blessed to have Mom and happy memories. I have lots of happy memories of the times spent with my relatives, most lived 8 hours away, not a quick visit and back. So take time to grieve then enjoy every moment with your loved ones and make more happy memories. They will be bittersweet at first, more on the bitter side because they will make you hurt and cry. As time goes on, memories become more sweet and less sad but it takes a long time and I don't believe you ever get over it but you do get to the point where you can handle the ache they leave behind better. Be Blessed

  7. a beautiful act that needs to be used each day we live. It has huge impact. I think we discover how huge this act is when we encounter it by unexpected experience. A small act of kindness can leave a person in awe, or speechless, even to the moving of one to tears. Plus, when so leaves love and charity in a way that catches a person off guard, but much appreciated. Practice kindness. It is a gift we need to give more.
    Sorry for your loss. She touched you deeply. You will no doubt discover more of 'how touched' as the days pass by. God bless.