In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well... And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.Romans 12:6-8

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why Knot ... ??

Bless you, Carin for asking because I will answer with the truth in how I feel about my Why-Knot-Kwilt blog ...

I actually deleted my blog yesterday afternoon and then thought twice about it last night and "un-deleted" it.  

Honestly, I don't know if I have anything of interest to say any more... my heart broke when leaving Montana and having to leave my daughters behind due to legal matters which continue to this day ... two years later.

I'm not the same person I was and I do miss my blogging community ... but I know that most of my community of online friends have moved on without me and again ... what do I have to share?  I try to be positive ... I do ... but to date ... two years into this new life, I feel I'm still trying to find a life and yet the battle for my reason for living sans my daughters continues.  Foolish and dramatic sounding I am sure ... and I apologize for that. ... but it is my daily reality ... no one else's.  I know for a certainty that we each carry our own burdens.  I also know for a certainty that I am blessed in so many fortunate ways as so many others are not.  However, my burdens are mine, just as each of you own yours. I put a smile on my face and deal each day, just as most of you do. I stay positive the best I can. I thank God each day I wake up and face a new day. But ... I am a different person... a different person with a different outlook on what is and is not a priority.

Every time I go to write on the blog ... well I either wish for what was, or what isn't any more. This blog for me was a creative, sharing, and comforting outlet.  Many of you fed my creative soul with your kindnesses and your encouragement.  I don't wish to dampen or disappoint.  I don't wish to discourage or bring any one down. 

I want to encourage, be kind, uplift and inspire ... I feel I'm getting closer to wanting this creative writing outlet, but wonder if it needs to be a different direction because I'm a different person now.

I know how my mother feels how about the blogging community .... Any advice? 

My love to each of you and my sincere appreciation for the ask, Carin ... may God Bless you!

~ Wendy


  1. Hi Wendy, even if you are different now, that's okay. I stopped blogging for two years when my husband had his motorcycle accident. Our lives changed dramatically and I couldn't do it anymore. I stopped sewing, quilting altogether. But eventually the urge came back. I wasn't the same. My life was different, but slowly I was able to get my creativity out. Take your time. You have your own burdens to carry. Don't delete your blog. You will love going back and looking at it. And when your ready, your creativity will come back. Lots of Hugs!!!!

  2. Hi Wendy, I'm so glad you decided not to remove your blog. I feel so sorry for you that you have to leave your daughters, but I hope you still can see that little light before you. Maybe it is still far away in front of you, but I know it will come closer and closer in the future. Than you see the very little things in life that do matter and even bring a smile to your face. Just to see that one flower with his beautiful leaves or that butterfly that flies around you.
    I know I can talk easy but it isn't easy if the light is to far away yet.
    I hope you still can be positive about the things you can do and pick up your crafting again. You can blog about everything, even if you don't can show something. Just write down your feelings. We are here to lift you up ;-) I think there are more people as you know, that do care about you. We are here for you !!

    I'm currently working on stars to heal, because I had a mini-stroke (TIA) on December 1 and I couldn't hold a needle anymore. But with good practice I can manage it now and can make stars again for a wonderful quilt. Cross stitch I still can't do, watching the pattern and then do it, my head gets overloaded LOL. Maybe in time. But I keep very positive and I'm very happy that I can do my quilting, my knitting and crochet.
    So don't give up and look at the little things in life that can still make you smile.
    Lots of hugs from me.

  3. I know a couple bloggers I followed that have went away to never be heard of again. Although I didn't know them personally you have a type of camaraderie and I can't help from time to time how they're doing. Another blogger said it was to much overload with her current lifestyle and cut her blogging down to one day a week. A couple times she wrote "Sorry, nothing to share today", a way to let us know she's okay but didn't have anything that week. Both are fine. It is your life and if you want to revive your blog then do so, maybe start out slow. If you blog once or twice and find you're not ready, just let us know. If you find yourself enjoying it, increase it to maybe 3 times a week or whatever. This is your blog and I'm here for you if you want to reach out and share. I don't blog but I appreciate talented people sharing with us. I come to blog sites to get in touch with those with similar creative interests. I have unsubscribed to two because of the nasty hateful rantings over the election. That's not what I signed up for and I won't subject myself to foul language or hate talk. I won't unsubscribe because someone is depressed or needing to talk about the gloom that we all face at times-that's different. I do the same in my personal life, I will not keep someone in my life that abuses me physically or mentally. It's sad people can't agree to disagree but I deserve better and can live without that negativity in my life. I hope you heal a little more each day. I say dip your toes in the water and see how you feel about it. If you're not ready, fine. If you are ready, welcome back! Take care of yourself and pamper yourself some while you decide.