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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Latte Lovin'

Wow!  I see it has been three months since I posted ... holey moley!
For those of you visiting after such a long absence from me, I thank you for visiting and give you my sincere appreciation for believing in me to share something worth you time...

Joan of Mooestash Quilting  has assured me that if I just "Have A Latte," it'd help put be back in the swing of blogging.  Joan, thank you for cheering us through this hop and helping me find a bit of inspiration to get be back to the sewing machine!

I'd also like to thank Dan DiPaolo of Clothworks for creating such a fun line of fabric. 

 I admit to having a bit of coffee with my flavored creamers on almost a daily basis (my scales tip a nod or twenty with that statement!)  While I enjoy my latte drinks, I was struck by Dan's fabric for which a line in the design of his panel truly inspired me.  I show you here:

I've been wracking my brain and digging through a mountain of patterns trying to find something  "coffee-ish" if you will, to make for this hop, however I could never settle on one particular design to create.  I just couldn't commit until inspiration struck.

Funny thing about inspiration, you just never know when it'll hit.

So, yesterday morning ... (YES! I KNOW! Procrastinate much????) ... for some reason when I looked at Dan's fabric panel, I instantly knew what I wanted to do.  

I got out my pencil, graph paper, fusible web, as well as my bundle of Have A Latte collection and designed this project to share with you today.   

Granted, there were so very many beautiful fabrics choices, but again, once the idea stuck, it STUCK.  I wanted to use the other fabrics to piece around the striped border.  In fact,  I even cut up a stack of squares.  But nope, this design spoke to me and said "this is it ... no more." 
I have to agree with the design... I love it just the way it came out of my head.
This wall hanging is roughly 20" x 32" in size.

So I have more to use for accessories in my new kitchen when I clear the sewing machine and cutting table from two days of intense creativity ... 
(you fellow crafty-folk know exactly the pile that waits in my sewing area)

Fortunately, it stopped raining and the sun came out long enough for me to get pictures taken this afternoon:

Where Good Friends Meet .... 
for a cup of coffee ...
for a spot of tea ...
for a quick chat ...
for a long visit ...
for just .....
Where Good Friends Meet.

I have said it before, and I probably will a hundred times more, I am thankful for my online quilting, stitching, and blogging neighbors who have shown me so much support and provide me with so much inspiration!  

I would love to say I'm ready to hop back into the blogging neighborhood again but I don't know if I'm there yet.  However, I give you all an open invite to join me any time for a spot of sweet ice tea out in my lovely new favorite outdoor backyard spot:

where good friends meet....this spot is just asking for a visit!

Please visit my fellow Latte loving bloggers today:

Why Knot Kwilt (ya'll are here)

Again, my thanks to Joan for her cheering of this hop and, as always, 
to Madame Samm  for her creative imaginings to get us all involved!