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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day One - Wicked Black Cat Crossing Hop

Hello and welcome to Day One of the 
Wicked Black Cat Crossing Hop!

I extend Wicked Welcoming Wishes to all who visit...

This year's blog hop is graciously sponsored by Maywood Studio's and their Black Cat Crossing line of fabric which you can see more of by clicking the link above. 

For my project, I chose to make a table runner from Disa Designs' My Runners Keep Going book.

 I chose to use the creams, greens, and blacks of the Black Cat Crossing fabric line for my project, thinking these colors lend well to a longer fall season that just a Halloween decoration.

 This is my fifth (or sixth ... {wink}) book from Disa Designs as her patterns are simple and, I believe, adorable ... each and every book has something that I want to make "one of these days" ... so what better excuse to pull out Disa's patterns than for my wicked hop assignment?

But, of course, since this is the Wicked Hop for which I am the hostess, I immediately thought of Patrick Lose Studio pattern Happy Haunting which I purchased several years ago and never got around to making.

I see that by clicking the above link, you can download this pattern if you wish.

I present to you my black cat who's happy to haunt your Wicked path:

My cat is hiding in the trees, ready to pounce on the next person to pass along it's path ... well ... not actually, but I thought it more fitting for this cat to hang around in the trees for this picture. It will soon find a home of a dear lady friend who enjoys Halloween decor just as much as I.
 (I do believe my walls and surfaces are becoming full of Wicked creations!)

And on that note ... a Giveaway Opportunity!

Should you wish to have the Black Cat Crossing table runner I created for this hop ... leave a comment on this blog post telling me so.  On November 1st I will draw a name for these comments and the runner will be yours. 

International visitors are just as welcome to enter the giveaway as my stateside visitors.

Please be sure to visit my fellow Wicked Hoppers who are sharing today ... I know they will appreciate your visit and kind comments:

Monday, October 20
Why Knot Kwilt? --you are here!

Many thanks go out to Maywood Studios for sponsoring this year's wicked hop and to Madame Samm for all of your support in pushing us forward and your continued inspiration for these hops!

Thank you for your visit, and I wish you all a wickedly wonderful day!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Memory Triangles

As many of you know, I quilt for others and last spring I was asked to create a quilt from a bag of scraps ... literally, a bag of scraps which had been cut by hand with scissors along with a bunch of other bits and pieces collected over time.

Not that this is anything unusual to most of you, though I have to admit I'm such an OCD quilter that I have difficulties working with a bunch of scraps that aren't ever meant to go together, so yes, this did create a challenge for me. However, this bag of scraps had a story ... many stories, in fact.

256 HST squares - 4 1/2" blocks - end result 64x64

I was given this bag of scraps by a stranger whom I'd never met before who got my name from my LQS owner.  To her, every single piece of fabric in the bag meant something. As she and I discussed the possibilities of what materials could be used, and what kind of quilt could be constructed, my heart nearly broke as I watched her pull out each bit of fabric from the bag and cry as she told me what fabric was cut by who, and what fabric was from what project her mother and/or her daughter had used it with. 

You see, both her mother and her daughter contributed pieces of material to this pile of fabric.  This was a project that a grandmother and a granddaughter were working on together ... before both of them passed away.  Yes, both mother and daughter of the owner of the bag of scraps are gone and the lady was left with this bag of "memories."  

As most of the scraps were hand cut into triangles, my options were a bit limited.  I added the taupe fabric as a neutralizer and though I tried many layouts, I thought the end result of color blocks of triangles worked best. I was honored to piece this quilt together and as I constructed this blanket and quilted it, I could not help but think of all of the bits and pieces of memories this lady will now have to comfort her as she sits with this quilt. 

Memories are such a huge thing ... either something you see, hear, smell, or touch... memories can mean so very much.  Yes, sometimes memories hurt, sometimes memories make you smile, and other times memories can make you laugh.  Memories ...

So I share with you today this quilt of someone else's memories.  I hope she finds reasons to be happy when she sits with the work I created for her.

As for me ... well, I've got to get back to the sewing room and finish up another project or two which will be shared with those of you who visit me in a day or two for the Wicked Black Cat Crossing hop. 

Yes, our reason to be Wicked this year starts on Monday, October 20th ... I would enjoy another reason to visit with you and please know your comments truly do brighten my day ... making happy memories of your kind words for me to pack away to remember another day!

See you soon and until then, happy stitching!