In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well... And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.Romans 12:6-8

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer is here and another Share

Looks like summer is truly here ... 

Goodness, here in my neck of the Montana woods, we even hit 93 degrees today.  A rarity I confess and not too hot by many of my internet friends' standards ... however, it just goes to show Summer is here.  When I saw how high the temp was to be today, I chuckled to myself because it wasn't that many years ago that we had snow on the Fourth of July ... several times that has happened in fact!

So, I will enjoy this fine weather and be sure to investigate many ways to get outside with my daughters in the coming weeks :) ... 
surely we can all find reasons to smile!

I share with you today a project I created over the weekend
in hopes of making another face smile ...

I call this "Whatever Your Direction" ... 
I named it thus not only because of the directions of the "arrows" 
but I also quilted into the borders ...

"No matter the direction life takes you, 
always know you are loved."

It seemed to me to fit ... I'm still pleased as punch with it :)

The origins of my quilt began with a quilt I found via Pinterest that I really liked and discovered that Jennifer Jenkinson of That Girl ... That  Quilt designed this quilt for a quilt along in 2011:
Obviously, having just found the quilt I didn't participate in her quilt along in 2011 and after a few weeks of searching, I could not find any instructions.  So ...

As is typical of me these days, I created my own version using a Moda Sweetwater Route 15 jelly roll and some other yardage ... I'm sorry, but the name of the additional fabric escapes me right now.

This is what the full quilt looks like:

Granted ... it does look different than the Chasing Chevrons I was inspired by, but with using strip piecing techniques and adding on extra borders, I think I came up with a good alternative. Let me know what ya'all think as I've been asked to write up the instructions for this, so perhaps I'll make it available upon completion. 
The finished quilt is roughly 64 by 78 .... 

I say roughly because I have packaged it up and
mailed it away to a young man who turns nine years old this weekend.
I truly hope it puts a smile on his face!

Thank you for visiting and I wish you all
lots of reasons to smile!

Until next we visit, stay cool ....


  1. This is beautiful! I love the message quilted in ... <3 Pat

  2. Well, that quilt made me smile. Great job on your version and design. You know how to spread "happy!"

  3. whatever direction it goes it will likely be in this young mans is very boyish and soooo well done..

  4. HI!!!! Love your version!!!! Smiles to you too!!!!

  5. That is a great quilt and the saying that you added to it is so ture in life.

  6. It is beautiful and I'm sure that 9 year old will love it!

  7. What a neat quote - I've added it to my Inspirational Quotes. Great quilt and a super pattern for a 9 year old boy - actually, great for young and old of both sexes. Yep, we're cool here - in Iowa we're having unusually cool temps (60/70s). It's been nice particularly after lots of bad storms and too much rain in the area.

  8. Oh, Wendy, how I love this quilt! Its been a busy spring for me, but the heat has me back in my studio and catching up on blog visits. How I wish I had time to quilt - your work is so inspiring! Come visit me again and see what kept me so busy (hint - outside projects!) Cindy from

  9. I love it Wendy. It is just gorgeous and has such a great meaning.