“In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. . . . And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.” Romans 12:6-8

Friday, February 28, 2014

Catching Up....

Since it's been a few weeks since I last visited my own blog, I thought I'd play a little catch up those of you who may be interested with a picture post of what I've been up to.... besides shoveling snow that is {wink}  And since there are more than plenty of pictures of that marvelous white stuff on the social websites these days I will spare you the photos here, except where unavoidable, because, hey ... when taking photos outside, the stuff really is unavoidable!

First up is a finish that started a year ago Christmas for my oldest daughter.  The quilt got stalled when my machine broke down and then life got in the way of completing it until I made a point to put the smile on her face by finishing it....

The next two quilts are custom memory quilts that have been in the making for a few years. The lady who requested these saved her mother's clothing for several years after her mother's passing and brought them to me requesting quilts be made .... long story short, she will have three lone star quilts completed from her mother's clothing when completed...

 These two are the smaller, baby sized quilts ... ready for quilting.  The bulk of these materials are from shirts, skirts, and dresses, and at the direction of the customer, I've added in the solids in an attempt to tie together the materials into a larger piece.  The third lone star is also in completion process and just about ready for quilting, but not ready for photos... 

In the "want" for a gift quilt recently, I cruised the internet in search of jelly roll quilt ideas. Yes, I have books with jelly roll patterns, but I wasn't feeling any of the patterns I had for the purpose I wanted.  So ... inspired by this quilt which I found at PippaPatchwork:

but not locating the pattern in the time frame I created for myself, I decided to give it a go myself and ended up creating this quilt using my Bali pop of Hoffman Pacific blue batiks with some additional fabrics from my stash.... 

It has been quilted and sent on its way. 

I've worked on a few other projects that were mailed away and weren't mine to share and spent a lot of time heating the house with the oven, baking goodies to share with others so I don't consume them all myself.  

I miss my therapeutic bike riding time and dream of a day and place where I might be able to bicycle year-round but for now am grateful for the cheaper therapy of creating and sharing with others ... it does my heart (if not my waistline) good!

I am also trying to prepare for the next hop I am participating in which Thearica is cheering for us called Flags on a Stick .... you can read about it at Sew We Quilt.

Until we next visit, I wish you a happy heart!


  1. What beautiful quilts! You are making a daughter very happy with each of the wonderful quilts you have made for her with her mother's clothing. The quilt you made for your daughter is really nice! You do wonderful work! Have a great weekend and be careful in that snow!

  2. Lovely eye candy. I would not have thought of a lone star for a memory quilt - they are very pretty. Gifting on is truly healthy for the soul. Take care sweat pea!

  3. Gorgeous quilts Wendy! And that happy face is just says it all! Have a happy weekend!

  4. All of your quilts look lovely Wendy.

  5. You have some wonderful quilts here! Especially love your daughter's quilt and the batik quilt! You've been pretty busy...love it all!

  6. I can see you have been very buzzy, even with the sewing machine.... :-) The snow we can do nothing about, just acept it.
    I really liked your daughters quilt and the blue batik.

  7. I love both the Lone Star quilts and the blue one and I'm really glad that you've been able to spend some time sewing lately. Hugs.

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    1. HI!!!! You have been very busy!!!!! Your daughter and her quilt are both beautiful!!!!! I love your blue batik quilt!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  9. That is a big smile on that face!!! She looks thrilled with the quilt.

    Your work is lovely. The jelly roll quilt is a great pattern.

  10. Golly I adore your daughters quilt! Stunning, no wonder shes smiling bless her lol
    And I also really like those skwiffy twelve patches!!

  11. Wendy you always make such darling quilts - I love them all! blessings, marlene

  12. Hi Wendy….the one all wrapped up in girly love….welll it is gorgeous….and the others, are coming to life...

  13. So so pretty Wendy! I love the happy colors you use. Am here to send a belated thank you for visiting my blog for Vicki's GYB party. My computer died on Jan. 26 so I had to "go home early" from the party. My but you have a LOT of followers! I'm your newest now! Thanks again for your visit and I hope you'll come again soon! Cindy from TheCranesNest.com

  14. Wow, how do you get so much done? I'm in awe of how many quilts you have made and the lone star quilts are so sentimental. I love them all
    Gmama Jane