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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friends & Followers Giveaway

Welcome to you ... my friends and followers!

My first post in my humble and often
wandering rambling blog was on 
May 28, 2010 ... not so long ago in days, 
but so very many lifetimes ago.
I do not recall when I reached 503 followers,
though I am grateful for each of you!
Nor am I aware of when I surpassed the 300th
post ... certainly I haven't had much wisdom
to share or I'd have remembered right?

What I do know, and think of often ... are 
the wonderful, wonderful quilters, bloggers,
... FRIENDS ... I have met through this blog.

Those of you who visit with me often know
my stance on kindness, my belief in a kind word,
and while I will not rant on that again today,
but I do want to share with all of you my
utmost gratitude for those people who have
made such a difference in my life through this
blog ... Mary of Quilt Hollow was one of the 
very first to make such an indelible impression
on this newbie blogger all those posts ago ...
she may not remember why, 
but I do and thank her for it!

I also know for a fact that my blog would not
be nearly what it is today if not for the grace
and intelligence of a very dear 
Cheerleader Madame Samm.
She chooses to lead Sew We Quilt
our online quilting bee of which I am
grateful to belong and participate ...
She shares, inspires, and CHEERS for so many,
I am proud and honored to think of her as friend.

But beyond anything, I would not have reason
to share my ramblings and sometime creative
endeavors were it not for my friends and followers
who chose to visit me from time to time and
are so very kind to leave encouraging words...
There are so many, many for whom I am grateful
that I would be afraid of leaving any out,
so instead, to all, I humbly say ... 

Thank you!

For offering of my gratitude, I share with you
what has been in my head for quite some time
just waiting to be taken out and created ... 
just for one of you ...

Saturday morning I started with a scrap of 
Minkee, drafting paper, and some bits and
pieces from my fabric stash: 

Teddy ~ in the making ...
A close up of the material for color purposes since the
weather did not cooperate for proper picture taking ...

What I ended up with is of my own design and quilting:
Thank You Teddy ~ 20 x 22 inches

Please forgive the pictures ... 
the clouds and rain did not assist in proper 
picture taking, but I did not want to wait 
any longer to post this giveaway ...

I adore teddy bears ... the soft and fuzzy
squeeze-ability of them ... they often become
our best friends as children and become reminders
of childhood friends long into adulthood.

Therefore, once this Teddy entered my
head, asking to be created, I couldn't resist
the idea of adding the thank you ...
In fact, I already have a few more in the works
with different colors and different words
on the banner above ... 
stay tuned for more shares :) 
especially since my daughters haven't seen this one yet {grin}

I did purposefully create this hanging 
in muted colors, hoping it would work in
with more decor by doing so ...

This giveaway is open to the followers of
Why Knot Kwilt and to my Facebook friends
as I know many follow my blog via Facebook.
So please, if you are interested in my giveaway,
either for yourself or as a timely gift for another
at this time of year, leave me a comment,
tell me how you follow Why Knot Kwilt,

No-Reply bloggers cannot be contacted
and therefore there is no way of letting
you know you won and will have to be passed
up for another.

If you wish for a second chance to win,
well, leave a second comment and let me know
when you first came across my blog and 
if you have a favorite post ... or
what brought you back for another visit 
besides my charming good looks 
and witty humor, of course!


Warm wishes and happy stitching!

of course ... I will ship internationally!!!!
heck ... details, details ... 
I will draw a winner on 12/13/13...


  1. Wow!! How cute!
    You are so talented!! What a cute give-away for some lucky 'Follower' .....
    Have a super week!

  2. ahhhhhh this is adorable and your post is just lovely….to a super duper week. and lucky person to get this…THANK YOU For being YOU

  3. You are just so amazing...that is adorable! I love following you around because you make me smile each and every time I visit your blog! I follow you with my picture in that little box and on Bloglovin'.

  4. You are such a sweetie and your cute cuddly bear really represents you. Keep blogging and sharing.

  5. Teddy bears are so fitting for such a wonderful lady, both are warm and comforting.
    I'm a follower on gfc =)

  6. I've been following your blog for a long time and I've enjoyed it. Thank you but no need to put my name in the pot.

  7. Gorgeous!!
    I'm a GFC follower!

  8. I found you via one of Madame Samm's fabulous hops although I can't remember which one!!

  9. And a "thank you" back at you for all of your great blog posts. Can't think of a specific, but I have enjoyed following you and wish you much success!

  10. Wow..
    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


  11. Awwww...Wendy, that is just adorable. We love following you and having you lead us thru blog hops! Your the best!

  12. Wendy that is just adorable! I love the idea and the bear and the minky and... LOL You get the idea! :-) I can't remember when I started following you, but it was a long time ago. Have a wonderful day!

  13. So cute...so sweet. Blogging brings quilters even closer...glad to have blog met you!

  14. Hi Wendy, I follow you with bloglovin and what a cute teddy.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  15. I can't remember when it was I started following you, but I know it was through madame samm and the blog hops, probably almost a year maybe. (I'm guessing)
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  16. Hi Wendy what a lovely Giveaway Thank you for the chance to win. I follow you on your blog and read your posts. Have a lovely Christmas. Susie x

  17. Wendy this is absolutely adorable...as always your creativity amazes me. If I don't have a pattern I don't make something. :) Love you and love your blog! blessings, marlene

  18. You did a great job, what a wonderful give away. Yes teddy bears are so cute !!!

  19. Ahh he is so cute and cuddlie I love teddy bears but my grandson who is now nearly seven never liked stuffed animals, he was born blind and just never liked the feel of them. He has always been very fussy about what he touches but seems to be getting over it some. I have followed you for quite a while and always loved you because you make me laugh. Bless you and your family my dear.

  20. oooh that's adorable! how snuggly he looks!

    (I'm a new follower! taking a look around)