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Friday, December 20, 2013

Delayed ...

Yes, I've been a bit delayed, but I am positive most each and every one of you reading this post are in the same boat I find myself, so I will float no apologies {grin} You understand!!

Just so you know I haven't been hitting the snooze button on my unemployed alarm clock ... I share with you a few projects I've completed since my last post:

These three bags I made over the course of this week as my Teacher Thank You gifts.  Besides the fact that we placed chocolate and hand-drawn thank you notes from my girls inside, I think they were well received!

The quilt above was a project someone called asking if I could put together for her so she could present to her 40 yr old brother for Christmas ... it is 92x108 ... I do believe I will be  putting together another post on this quilt in the near future so that is all I will say about this one at the moment ... however, I can say that yes ... two weeks and I did complete the top. 

 As many of you know, those that serve in the military hold a very special place in my heart ... for so very many reasons. Well, when I found out that a friend of mine from high school was to retire from the Navy after 25 years ... an enlisted sailor retiring as a Lt. Commander no less ... Well, I decided not to let the moment go unnoticed:
With the help of scouring ebay for old t-shirts, and a bit of pattern improvisation, I designed and quilted this and mailed it off with my appreciation.
I did have enough material to make a matching pillow case in which I mailed the quilt ... kinda fun and something to store the quilt in when warm weather comes again ....

And on that gratitude note, I will let you all know that Thank You Teddy is being mailed to Michele of L7 QUILT CO. ...  my daughter's pulled her name out last Friday.  
If you haven't visited with Michele you should, those of you that have know Teddy's going to a wonderful home!!

Well, I've been up to a few other tiny projects, and with Christmas next week, have several more to go as many of you do also, I am sure....

Thank you for visiting with me today, and until next we chat ...

Warm Hearted Wishes and Happy Stitching ~


  1. You have been very busy. I like to make a pillow case to go with quilts, too - and this is a special quilt. Merry Christmas

  2. How very special to make a quilt for your navy friend. And your teacher gifts are darling! You are certainly keeping busy! Have a wonderful, merry and bright Christmas!

  3. The quilt you made for your Navy friend is just priceless. You are a sweet person!

  4. Wow you have been so busy! I love the Tammy bags. happy Holidays!
    xo jan

  5. Cute bags...such a busy lady! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. If I were the teacher I'd love the bags! Merry, merry Christmas! blessings, marlene

  7. Those bags are so beautiful, so are the quilts !!

    Merry Christmas Wendy.

  8. I love all that you've completed recently. I hope your holidays were truly magical.

  9. This is what I posted on FB: I had THE best Christmas this year because of what I GAVE not what I GOT!! I am going to post a series of pictures of especially my lil bro Jason A Bigelow (I also have pics of my sister Deb Bigelow). The reason for which needs a little back story...Cue the watery picture and the harp music.....20 plus years ago, my lil bro went to Hellgate High where he started running cross country and track. He also started amassing t-shirts from different places and events. After he graduated my mother packed up his t-shirts making the comment that she hated to throw them away. I told her I would make him a quilt from the shirts. She kept them in a box in their shed. My mother passed away almost 6 years ago. When we cleaned out the shed, we found the t-shirts and I took them home, promising to make a quilt. Cue back to present~I finally started on it this summer but couldn't figure out how to do it. I wanted to have it done by his birthday. Ok, I can't sew a straight line, let alone quilt!! I called a wonderful lady that owns 'Vicky's Quilts Down Under' (under Gold's Gym here in Missoula!) Vicky was very kind and helpful. She said Wendy Christian may be able to help. I called Wendy and we struck a deal. She would make the top and I would try to do the rest. She got the quilt done before Christmas, all I needed to do was add the batting (middle of a quilt), put on the back and quilt it. I took the items home but my machine wouldn't allow me to quilt...ARGH...I put in a call to Vicky again and again she came through by giving me the name of Cindy Brennan to quilt the top, middle and back together. it would be done in 2 days! WooHoo....then all I would need to do would be to add the binding. I got everything and was ready to complete the quilt when Jason called and wanted to go shopping. Oookkkaaayyy....Dang, I need to get this done in 3 days. I wanted to give myself plenty of wiggle room, in case something went wrong...In between all of this, I had Etsy orders to fill, some shopping and getting together with Jason and Deb. I got the quilt done on the 22nd now all I needed was to wrap it up. Last Christmas (or was it the Christmas before??), I asked for spatulas which I got in several boxes with TONS of confetti paper. I thought I would pay Jason back by buying him spatulas and putting them in boxes with TONS of shipping peanuts and then in the last box, I would put the quilt with peanuts on top!! No one knew what I had planned and I almost told several times!! On Christmas day, I told Jason he had to open the boxes a certain way. He started with the smallest box to the biggest. He opened the first box~'hahahaha...very funny'...He had to dig around to find the spatulas...'I did that to you'... Then the second box~'haha'...getting old~lots of peanuts, one spatula...Then the biggest box~NOT funny~MORE peanuts...he got all of those out and pulled out the quilt...'Oh wow!!' he said...'Cool, I love it!' He really got to looking at it later and we discussed the panels and which meets I had been to, etc...He had forgotten my mom saved all the t-shirts....He was touched!!
    I want to thank Vicky from Vicky's Quilts Down Under for pointing me to Wendy and Cindy, to Cindy for quilting and trimming the edges and especially to Wendy Christian for making the beautiful quilt!! you can see her work at:
    As I said-I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!
    Thank you Wendy!!!

  10. I love my Teacher Thank You bag! I am so impressed. Thank you. :)

  11. You are one busy lady! You do such wonderful things in such wonderful ways. You truly are amazing!