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Monday, October 21, 2013

Wicked 3 Hop ~ Schedule Day 1

It is that time of year again when for some of 
us the Halloween spirit floats around just as the 
fogs and mists do with the changing seasons.

What better time and reason can there be
than to embrace the youthful joyfulness of 
decorating and dressing up in costumes or
designs that are not normally seen in our every day
environment ... engage in a little wistfulness,
entertain a little childishness, embrace a little
magical fantasy ... just for the fun of it?

How fun it is to be reminded, if only for a
short while, that not all wickedness is evil,
not all ghosts, goblins, and witches, are
bad ... let's have a little fun this season ...

Some Wicked Fun!

Tuesday starts our Wicked 3 Blog Hop....
Are ya all ready to hop through the neighborhood
to see what treats are to be shared with us today?

The following bloggers are turning their porch lights to share
with you their wickedly delightful stitched treats:

Tuesday, October 22nd

Please visit each of our Wicked Hoppers and show them
your appreciation by leaving some sweet treats of your
own in the form of your comments .... 
sweet words are always appreciated! 

And speaking of sweetness ...

How about our sponsors???
Many thanks to our great sponsors for this Wicked Hop ...
Bird Brain Designs, Reliable Irons, and Windham Fabrics
We have 8 days of Wicked hopping ...
be sure to come back tomorrow to see who
else will be turning on their porch lights for us!

Wicked Wishes ~


  1. I love to see teh creativity on this HOP! great posts and giveaways, too. Thanks for sponsors who are so generous! I'd love to WIN.

  2. Loving this hop. Thanks for sharing