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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Friday and Day 4 Wicked Hop Schedule

Friday brings us to day four of our Wicked Hop ...
and to the weekend which may provide a lot of us
with the opportunity to catch up on checking out
all the Wicked-Good treats that have been
put out for us to share ... everything has
been delightful, hasn't it!! 

Wyndham Fabrics has supplied us with some lovely Halloween bundles,
and Look Bird Brain Designs, wanted you to be prepared for next years Wicked....
Some lovely patterns to keep you in the Halloween spirit.

Cheer them on, Support them in the upcoming months, they will be filled 
with more Tricks and Treats, you can depend on them for that...


#1 Join us in future blog hops, 1 of these giveaways is for all those who participate.
#2 Those in the top 3 each day, also have a chance at the end of the hop to win one of these prizes.
#3 All of YOU who leave comments, also can win....

Remember, the kindness of a few words, may be
just the encouragement someone's soul may be
craving ... 

Wicked wishes to each of you, and
I look forward to seeing you again Monday!


  1. Thanks for helping host this great blog hop.

  2. Great spooky tree, keep up the good work. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  3. Thanks Wendy for cheering us on. This IS my favorite hop...just being WICKED!

  4. i am going to have wicked withdrawals over the weekend since there will be no really cool wickedness to look at. Have a good weekend.