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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cauldron is Bubbling ....

Would you believe we have 85 Wicked Hoppers??


Only 8 more days until our Wicked hop begins!!!
Cannot wait to see what everyone has been brewing!

{wickedly delighted cackle!}

I, among stirring the Wicked pot, have been
tending to a few things un-wicked like ...

I know, I know ... unbelievable, I am sure!

Today, for example, I took a $1 yard-sale coat,
removed the broken zipper, and replaced it with
a brand new $2 zipper (40% off coupon from JoAnns)
and my oldest DD now has a new winter jacket ....

Funny thing is, when my DD picked it up at the yard sale,
the very kind lady, and her daughter tried to warn us the 
zipper was broke ... {grin} .... my DD says 
"that's okay, my Mom can fix anything ..."  
awww.... the innocent belief of children!
Luckily, I think I came through on this one 

And just so you don't think I've had my nose in the witch's brew this
whole time ... yesterday I was fortunate enough to drive north to
attend a friend's beautiful wedding ceremony and snapped some of 
these beautiful fall shots of the wonder in which I live ...
Flathead Lake, Montana

South-end Flathead

Mission Mountains near Polson MT

Missions, near St. Ignatius, MT

Missions, near St. Ignatius, MT
Okay ... back to the brewing room that contains my sewing machine ...
gotta have something to share for our Wicked Hop!

I wish you all a wonderfully wicked time doing whatever makes you most happy!!

Best wishes, 


Susan said...

Great find on the beautiful pink jacket! Bet the pretty little girl who has it is thrilled that "her Mommy can 'fix' anything"! Beautiful pictures...so glad you had a safe and fun trip. Thank you for sharing your great pictures!!
Have a wonderful day and have fun 'creating'. (((smiles)))

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have all my wickedness ready. Oh, lovely photos, but look at those snow clouds!!

Vicki H said...

My grandson and granddaughter 4 and 6 also think I can fix anything and everything they bring me for repair. So far I have been successful.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

This is going to be so much fun!

Lesley said...

You are the bestest mom to fix that zipper...the jacket is adorable! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures!

Michele said...

My wickedness is not ready but I still have time. Yeah for the bargain coat. And the photos are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.

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