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Friday, September 6, 2013

Sign Up to Be WICKED!

Wicked Blog Hop sign up starts .... now!

Yes .... sign-ups were planned to start Saturday,
however, in our true Wicked-ness,
we decided to start the Wicked fun a tad early ...

When sending me your email to sign up ...

Your name
Your email address
If you have Blog
(if you don't we'll find you a blog host)
Your Blog name
Your Blog Address


You have until Saturday, September 14th to register

( although we usually fill up within hours not days)
 We are limiting this hop
 to the first 100 wicked participants..

Since  Madam despises rules, we call them guidelines...

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day 
they are showing their Wicked Project- PERIOD.

#2 Only 5 ladies with no blogs will be accepted,
it will be a first come, first serve basis.
Wendy or I will host for you! 

#3 You must have your post ready at 
midnight E.S.T. If you are not
sure how to do that, we will guide you. 
( will do a tut for you if necessary)

#4 And most important, YOU
must add the names and links from
those who are on the hop the same
day as you.  ( keep yours on too) We want everyone
to find your wicked friends
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.

#5 All  Subscribed Wicked hoppers must

put button on their blog.
( on the top right) 
copy code in gadgets
 html copy- that is it
( those who have no blogs, of course
you are omitted lol)

Now all together:

"I swear- to swear
by all these Wicked Guidelines.."
SWEAR! ok! 
Send me an EMAIL ... at

What you will be making for this hop!

#1- Any WICKED project that you have
created especially for this hop- at least one
and you can show others that you worked on 
in the past. Stay on theme...
#2- You can have a tutorial or giveaway
both optional
#3- SWEAR to have a Wicked Time..~

That is it~ 
This blog hop begins on Oct 22nd -31st
No weekends...

Think Halloween

I may not be available to answer any emails 
immediately -- but will get back to you asap. 


  1. Yes, I am so looking for this one - ME please!!

  2. Great,post..yes we are wicked...wicked tired in my case lol me nad lol

  3. I just sent you an email....looking forward to the WICKED TIME we will all have!

  4. I just sent you an email....looking forward to the WICKED TIME we will all have!

  5. Sending you an email now! Hope to join in this wicked fun ... :) Pat

  6. It's going to be a spooktacular good time. My email has been sent.

  7. I sent you an email. You better let me play. Sincerely, Creepy Carol LOL

  8. I sent you an email a little while ago. I will try my best to be wicked, bahwawaw
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  9. I AM IN!!! I lOVE THIS THEME EVERY YEAR so Please include me!! I hope I'm not too late!!
    Gmama Jane

    Grandmama's Stories

  10. I wouldn't miss this one each year for anything.

  11. I love the Halloween season and am really looking forward to following this hop.. You ladies are great to put this on for us stalkers.. umm followers.