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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Updates and Stash Cleaning

I thought I'd take this opportunity to do as promised and update you all on my progress sans-blog hops ... yes, I do still sew occasionally without a hop mission ... though a blog deadline does help!  {grin}

Remember my search for a chair? 
 After all of the very helpful comments my friends and readers posted on my April 21st post, I researched all suggestions and went onto Amazon.com and found this very comfortable task chair.  Knowing that I'm 5'8" with most of my height in my legs, I needed a chair that adjusted upwards.  I'm happy.  Thanks to all of you that commented ... you really helped!!

My dear friend Pamela had a birthday very recently and I made this for her.  Pamela is the proud grandmother of five grandchildren who call her "NanOct" ... a tie in to octopus and more love in her arms for her grandchildren, I wanted to make something special for her as she is special to so many.

If you look real close, you will notice an octopus.  Well, geez, do you have any idea how long I searched for octopus fabrics???  I did finally find this Salt Water Collection by Tula Pink in the Seaweed color. The mottled green "solid" is actually from a Patrick Lose line, though I don't have the exact name at this time.

I wanted something tasteful but something that would have meaning when she travels to see her family. 
Well, she loved it and I love her for her appreciation!!

Next, many of you may remember me posting on May 28th that I had a graduation quilt to finish.
Believe it or not, I really did finish it in time for the graduation ... only thing is we missed the graduation because first my daughters got sick, then one of my nieces got strep throat, then I got sick ....
da da dee dum .... you get the picture.

Well, I can finally share on the blog because this weekend my niece came down for orientation at University of Montana here in town and I was able to finally present her with her gift.

I used a mix of batiks and the Just Can't Cut It pattern.  It reminds me of chocolate, caramel and raspberries.  Leave it to me to be thinking of chocolate!!

Instead of labeling, I usually stitch the name and date info in my quilting since I quilt myself ... yes, even on my small, domestic machine ... no label to mysteriously disappear and quilt somehow becomes someone else's in a college dorm room :)
stitched with love, Aunt Wendy
May 2013
Congratulations on your Graduation

I was going to list all of the following items on eBay, but then thought of all of you.  Perhaps some of you would be interest in any of these items and would like the opportunity to purchase before I post them on eBay:

1 yard plus 6 fat quarters -- fabric by
Kensington Studios for Quilting Treasures

TAKEN  The Morris Workshop 1872-1887 Barbara Brackman
Jelly Roll, Dessert Roll, 2 Charm Packs and  2 2/3 yds oakleaf  fabric

1 2/3 yd Blank Quilting Fabric
This is more teal-green than the blue photo shows.
2 yds Timeless Treasures Fabric
my girls have outgrown the dress pattern this was meant for.

2 yds  Benartex "At the Park" by Wilma Sanchez
 In the Fons and Porter Kids Quilts Summer 2009 edition, they have this Princess Pillow pattern for which I purchased these materials ... again, time, age,daughters' desires mean this is no longer on the "must do" list but I'm thinking it might be for someone else.  I only have one copy of the magazine, so cannot offer that for sale with the materials unless .... 
TAKEN  one panel,  1 1/3 yd  pink Princess toss and 1/2 yd dark pink
Fairy Princess fabric by designs by Leere for Clothworks 

one panel,  1 1/3 yd  purple Princess toss and 1/2 yd pink and purple
Fairy Princess fabric by designs by Leere for Clothworks 

If you find you might at all be interested in any of the above fabrics pictured, please email me, or leave me a comment so we can exchange information .... I will have to ask for shipping, but will do so at the least expensive rate possible .... best offer, really .... I know what the fabrics cost, but I also know that they do me no good sitting in my stash when someone else could be using them when I know I won't.

I'll give it a couple of weeks then post on eBay .... thanks for looking!!

And .... I finally went in and had a very over-due medical check-up ... 
go figure, I'm out of shape


Who knew!!!?????!!!


Seriously .... I can't eat much better than I am trying,
I could get more sleep and am trying ...
really, it's the exercise thing .... REALLY!!!

So with that thought in mind, 
I went out and found this at a
local sporting goods re-sell shop:
Yes ... I did ride it this morning ... Day 1 towards goal ....

Now, since outside it's well on it's goal of reaching
98 degrees ...
outside exercise is obviously ill-advised
Sewing room here I come .... 

I will see many of you again soon ... I've actually almost completed one of my  Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop items and starting on another .... and would you believe .... I've got some stuff in the works for Halloween stitching too ... 
always the Wicked Wendy!

Best wishes to all of you and thank you for visiting!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bag of Sweetness ... Tammy Bag

Sweet Treats in my Tammy Bag!

When I first heard the story behind the Tammy bag,  
I knew I was in!  I too loved the Tammy movies ... 
they bring to my mind a time of innocence,
sweetness, and pure enjoyment ... 

Well, I chose my fabrics from my stash thinking
 these too would reflect those same feelings ... 
sweet pink and white gingham for the outside,
and for the inside a soft buttery yellow with
teeny purses tossed all over ...
 just plain fun :) 

You may notice that I've filled my sweet little bag with my sewing goodies ...
My daughters were home when I was taking these pictures, and
I now have demands to make another bag just like this for my 
eldest as she loves, loves, loves this bag. 

The pattern by Madame Samm was so very well 
done with pictures and instructions, I know I 
will have no troubles making another ...
and another after that.

However,  the real secret to my Tammy bag is 
what I really keep in it, 
without my daughters' knowing

Well dang! ... they found my stash of goodies ... 

Alllllll gone!

I give my utmost thanks to Madame Samm for not only 
designing this marvelous Tammy Bag  
but for all of the work done in hosting this fun hop! 

I invite you to visit my fellow Tammy Creators posting
with me on this day and thank you for leaving your
sweet words of kindness along the way:

June 14th

Happy Hopping!!