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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sayin' it with Flowers ...

Pardon the dirt ... 
Oh, I'm not dishin' it ... 
but I've been shoveling it !!

Amid the stitching of flowers,
I've been planting them ...
Above is my "deck" garden ... looking west,
and below is my deck garden looking east.
I've got strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers,
green onions and flowers, lots and lots of flowers!

I also found time this past weekend to plant
ten bare-root rose bushes, and next up is a
row of poplars along the fence seen in the background.
Um ... next weekend maybe :)

However, today you are here to see flowers
 of a different sort, aren't you? 

Today I share with you my Lovely handbag
....I say lovely as in the material is Lovely by Sandy Gervais ...
I've had the material for quite some time, saving it for that
"something special" and when this hop was announced,
I knew this was the something special I wanted
to make.  What better than a Spring/Summer flower
handbag out of this Lovely material in the
Sweet Harmony handbag pattern by Amy Butler?
Well, my LQS friend thought it was pretty
neat too ... the day after I made it for me and this hop
it was decided it should be used as a shop sample ....
so ...
the following day ... I started again:

 ... the material used here
is Terrain by Kate Spain ...
well ... showed up to work with this beauty ....
and ...
This one's mine!!!

But, I did make another :
But this time, it was the tote ....
See the size difference?  Same pattern: 

Well, geez ... with all of that stitching,
you can imagine the threads and snips and bits
I had all over the floor, so ...

I decided I needed a 
handy-dandy thread catcher:

So, I made this little beauty of a thread catcher bag
and pin cushion ... pattern is The Abbey Bag
and the materials are just about all Me and My Sister Designs'
Ticklish line, though I probably threw in some others of theirs
I had as they have so many fun and bright flower prints.

So there you have it ... my creations for the Say It with Flowers
blog hop...  I'm so glad I got to participate with you fine 
hoppers again ... I perform well with deadlines ... would you say?

And speaking of deadlines, I have a graduation quilt to 
finish before Friday this week, which I started this past
weekend, so I guess I should get back to business.

If you are interested, I promise I will post pictures
of it when finished ... it's on the machine right now as
I'm in the middle of quilting it ... and if I posted it now, 
chances are my niece may see it before she should
{wink}  She turns 18 next week and graduates 
from high school this weekend ... I think that 
warrants a quilt, wouldn't you?

Please be sure to visit with our fellow
gardening bloggers today .... I'm positive
what they have blooming will be perfection
beyond compare:

Say it With Flowers
Wednesday, May 29th
Why Knot Kwilt  -- you are here!
Cheerleader Carol and Squad leader Madame ...
to each of you I give a bouquet of the sweetest
flowers to bloom in your heart as they do in mine.  
Thank you!

I leave you with one of my all time favorite sayings ... 
courtesy of Pinterest
as so well illustrated by Mary Engelbreit. 
It seems so fitting for this hop.

To each of you I give my sincere 
appreciation for your visit, 
and to every flower in my garden of life,
I give my undying love and gratitude!

Thank you!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

For the Birds ... My Tweet Day!

Thursday is my day for the "For the Birds" hop ... 
I am pleased to have you join me and my 
feathered friends ....

Did you know ...
that the first mention known of the Bluebird of Happiness
is in a play written in the early 20th century by Maurice
 Maeterlinck entitled L'Oiseau Bleu? 

Happiness, as the moral of the story imparts, 
comes from seeking rather than from finding.
Happiness comes from an unselfish life, 
without thought or motive of reward. 
 (Taken from The History of the Bluebird of Happiness
 at www.bluebirdofhappiness.net.)

Using Amy Bradley's Meet the Tweets Pattern, 
I made the Birdwatcher wall hanging:

I believe this birdie is waiting for 
the occupants to return home,
wouldn't you agree?

I seriously considered doing the Birdwatcher
in blue, but the green just seemed so happy
that I had to go with it, and besides,
green is one of my favorites, so it works

And, to go along with my Bluebird theme,
I used Amy Bradley's pattern again
to start this wall hanging:
Obviously, "start" is the operative word ...
I do need to do the stitching on it and
you can possibly see on this closer picture, 
that I have the stitching drawn in ...
progress! :)  I just didn't get all of it
done in time for our tweet hop ...
but never fear ...
I will have my Bluebirds of Happiness! 
in fact my daughters have each named
one of the birds for themselves, me, and
our dog Izzy.  Perfect!

I thank each of you sincerely for visiting today
and will do my utmost to respond quicker than
I have been lately ... I truly do appreciate the kind
words ... please never doubt that! 

Lined up to share with you today are my fellow
hoppers ... please be sure to flit on over to each of them
to share your kindness ... the bluebirds will be watching!

Thursday, May 9

Thank you Cheerleader Mary for your hard work in
keeping the flock flying in the same direction!
Thank you Madame for your delicious seeds of 
inspiration!  What a team!!

Until next we visit, best wishes,

most bird pictures on this post are 
courtesy of my Pinterest Board

Whatcha waitin' for? ... Get Hoppin!