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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reflections on week past.


I certainly hope all of you were able to enjoy your Easter time with family and friends. and if you didn't celebrate Easter, I hope you had a marvelous time since last we visited.

Spring Break for the girls has come and gone ...

Since they were visiting with their dad for half of the school break, 
I was able to finish this:
This is the Another Bite of Schnibbles pattern using Cinderberry Stitches Woodland fabric quilt I started last summer.  My friend/co-worker decided to buy it from me for her daughter's room.... she's decorating her two-year old's room with fairies and decided this was a must have ... Thank you Amanda!!
One UFO off the shelf!!

Below is a project I started Thursday night this week, and completed the finishing touches on Friday morning:

It's the Bow Tuck Bag pattern using some very spring influenced batiks.  Decided it was time to get some bright and pretty into this world of mine that is still determined to be cloudy and rainy. [a girl's gotta try.]

And to wrap up the Spring Break for my daughters, we drove to a near-by town about 3 hours from us to visit the Museum of the Rockies:

I'll spare you the family movie roll, but needless to say, they loved the dinosaurs and the planetarium was absolutely amazing!  And of course, with a night away from home at a hotel, we had to include a pool ...

Sheer joy from two little girls!

Ah, the memories for all of us ... (sigh)

And on that note ...

Best wishes to you and please be sure to visit
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  1. Wendy, your quilt is gorgeous! It will look beautiful in your friend's daughter's room! And that bag is beautiful. You are so talented! And of course, your little girls are gorgeous as well...glad you had some "we" time!

  2. The quilt is adorable. Love the bag, it is so springy. I like the shape of the bag.
    You DDs are just so cute! Looks like they had a great time on the minivacation.