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Friday, April 12, 2013

My Kind Soapbox ...

Okay ... my previous post got interrupted and I didn't get back
 to write my "few words" ... My apologies, but I assure you, 
you didn't miss out on anything brilliant ... 
just my random thoughts I wanted to share.

Those of you who frequent my blog know the 
value I put on kind words and deeds.

Well, this post in a way has to do with kindness.

I've got a few projects going on that have required me to do 
some online shopping ... okay, so twist my proverbial arm ... 
the online shopping for fabric was WORK!!  trust me ...


no seriously, I frequented many shops over the past 
week and ended up making purchases from several.  

One of those sites happened to be from my quilty-crush 
faves that I have watched and visited and adored for a 
years as they grew bigger, and seemingly more 
"famous" in the world that is quilt fabric.

A few other searches netted me my required material
  matches, and the last shop I purchased at was for a 
 couple of items I needed for another project. 

Yes, yes, I will certainly be sharing the projects
as I get them completed ... 
ya all know I'm a show off!! 

Well ... here's where I need to hop up
on my box of soap about poor customer service and 
give kudos for excellent customer service.

Quilty-crush purchase was made, and yes, I've purchased 
many, many, many items from them previously.  I've usually 
gotten very good service.  Granted, it's been a while as my 
situation has changed a bit and I've been a bit choosier about 
my purchases.  However, I saw this fabric that would complete
 my project and when to the online store, added the item to 
my cart, and bonus ... added another bit of yardage that 
would finish my project to perfection.

All was fine, so I thought.  The next day, I receive the standard 
notification that "my order was filled, completed and shipped." 
Oh yea-ah ... 
got me some quilty-crush fabric coming ...
Sweet! :)  

Not a minute later I receive an email from my Paypal 
account advising me of a refund from the store 
due to one item being out of stock ... 

Goodness.  Okay, the store didn't say anything 
in their email, so I immediately ... immediately ... 
emailed them and said something to the tune of
 "hey, I received this notice, if you are in fact out, 
could you please substitute the fabric ..."  
You know those emails.  The reply I got:

"Your item has already been shipped. 
Thank you for your order." 


I emailed them back, apologized for the trouble
 and wished them a wonderful day. .... Nothing.

So package arrives in the mail a few days later.  
Just the envelope ... and the fabric.  
No invoice, no note, no thank you for your purchase, nothing. 
Just the fabric.  
Strange, especially from this shop which has 
always been pleasant in the past.

Me being me, I mulled this over for a day or two
 and decided to politely write a concerned email to the shop,
 wishing them all well, explaining my perplexed reaction
 and disappointment.  Their response ...

"I apologize for our lack of great customer service.  
Sometimes we fall short of others expectations
 and we don't intend to."

crickets chirping ...

Okay, don't get me wrong, but this struck me as a little off ... 
as if I was expecting too much ....  
This response was from the same person that sent 
me the original email.  Tell me if I'm so off the mark here 
that this was a little impersonal, or if this is just what I should expect
 from successful businesses these days. 
Needless to say, my quilty-crush felt smooshed and,
in fact has been added as fertilizer for the garden of my soul.
(not overly-dramatic ... I had a SERIUOS quilty-crush!!)  

Not just by this experience, but by a very many other 
little incidences from these same fabric designers.

On the other hand, I mentioned I also shopped at several
 other online shops, all of which took the time to at least add a 
hand written "thank you" at the bottom of the invoice. 
 Not much, but a nice personal touch.  
One shop in particular deserves kudos 
for providing the exact opposite experience:

Ms. Amy Bradley ...
 the one and only ...

provided me over the top customer service!

Thank you Amy Bradley!!

Whoever filled my order was so very nice
 to place a thank you card in my package.
And I wasn't even a frequent flier of her shop,
nor a big time contributing commenter on her blog.

(And NO, I did not use Madame Samm's name!)

That "simple" extra was such a stark contrast
to my earlier experience with said quilty-crush shop.

Please be aware, I'm not asking for extras, I'm not asking for
freebies, I'm asking for a simple acknowledgement that I'm 
spending my very hard earned money ... just as everyone's 
money is these days ... to purchase something someone 
has to offer by the plain and simple kindness of a nice word, 
or perhaps a nice exchange of words.

I am the first to admit I am NO Mother Teresa wannabe,
but dang it all ... we can all be kind and share kindness as
it costs us nothing and gives so much.

This almost reads like ... 
Can't we all just get along???
No really, can't we??
Doesn't it?

Please know, I spoke of these experiences to no one,
 but I really felt the need to put out there in blogihood 
that kindnesses go so very far.

Okay ... I'll be stepping off my towering soap box now
 and apologize for the rant, but seriously, I know so many 
swing through blogs, just as I do, and so very often anymore 
I don't find as much time to leave as many comments on the 
blogs that I wish I could, but please know, when I do, 
I mean my comments sincerely, respectfully, and on top of it all,
kindly.  We all work so hard at everything we do in every 
aspect of our lives that every kindness written or given is 
such a balm to the soul  ... 
if it is to mine, it must be to someone else.

Bless you and again, thank you for stopping by today.

P.S.  All photos were "borrowed" from google.com image search 
engine and no copy rights were harmed in the usage. {smile}


  1. Oh, I have had the same experience you have just described with 2 shops that I have done a lot of business with - they won't be getting my hard earned dollars anymore. I have found some lovely smaller on-line shops that not only have added a sweet card, but add a little pretty ribbon and wrap and even a little candy or tid-bit/extra to the package.

  2. It doesn't cost them anything to say "thank you". I'd be annoyed too.

  3. That is so sad that a shop didn't feel the need to provide good customer service and lost a good customer in the process. Businesses struggle to sell at all and stay in business so I don't understand that attitude. Like in the brick and mortar stores, treat me badly and you won't be seeing me ever again. More than 1 store carries the fabric that I want/need so eventually if the bad ones don't straighten out and fly right, they soon will be shuttering their doors and no one will cry about it. Recently I had a "we don't have enough" situation with a large order but they called me immediately, I told them my goal and we worked together to find suitable replacements. They even threw in a freee charm pack for my troubles. I'll definitlely shop there again.

  4. I had a bit of a small spending spree this week and worked with 3 onlines, they were all impeccable...tho one is having a big shipping sale and were short on what I ordered, they called and let me know and gave me a chance for substitution which I didn't take, my clicking must not have been quick enough to beat out another purchaser...hopefully your future encounters will go better.

  5. Let me borrow your soapbox: Since when is it wrong to have high expectations for service! Their response about falling short of others expectations--wow! First they apologize for their lack of customer service and then slam you for having high expectations. I can live without a thank you note with my purchase, but with so many online stores available you'd think there'd be something in your package showing they were glad you shopped with them. I love one place I shop at that draws a smiley face on the invoice and writes "thank you." Nothing free from them, but a very nice gesture that makes me feel like they are glad I shopped at their online store and not the other one(s). I'll step off the box now. :O)

  6. So they never actually said to you, sorry, this part of your order is unavailable and we've given you a refund? Now that is unacceptable.
    Yeah, I like the little thanks for your order on the bottom of the invoice too. But mostly, I just like getting an invoice. Otherwise, it makes me think they're dodgy.

  7. I'm with you all the way on this one,isnt it common Coutesy to thank a person for their custom .Your hard earned money is paying their wages.

  8. I had a bad experience buying from a seller on Etsy once. My fabric hadn't come several weeks later, and after no responses to my messages, I finally left a bad review. THEN the lady emailed me and said her mother had taken over the shop and she didn't know how to do the orders, etc. I finally got my fabric randomly about 3 months later. No apologies, nothing. Nice.

    On a happier note, I have had several AMAZING experiences with http://www.etsy.com/people/countrycornerfabrics ... seriously FAST shipping. I just purchased fabric to make a baby quilt and it came in a few days. =)

    1. Sisterino, thank you so much for the link ... I will save it for good use! I tried to respond to you, but as a no-reply blogger I couldn't :( Thank you, again, for visiting!!

  9. Kindness, is my number one rule. It is so easy to be kind and people will find it comes back two fold. Hugs!!

  10. I don't like it when shops get so big they think "thank you" is no longer necessary. That's when I go find a smaller place to shop. I matter!

  11. Go You!!!
    Kindness should be 'second-nature' when you are willingly spending your not-so-easily-earned money. Word spreads...just look above at the comments right here. You ladies and your opinion matter a lot when it comes to money-spending! It takes just a moment to be kind.

  12. I thought for sure i left a note....please pass the soapbox....lol i have stopped doing business with 2 Online shops because they may have forgotten how many orders i placed with them. Sometimes they need a reminder how hard it is to get new customers vs keeping the ones they have happy...it takes so little ...thank you for your business goes a long way. i know the online store you are talking about...i don't deal with them anymore either....good for you for your well written note. Too bad they are too busy to notice that their rise will also be their demise....perhaps much sooner than later.