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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Quilt Redeemed & a small giveaway

I share with you today a quilt with a past ...
Some of you may recognize this beauty as
using her Bella line of fabric.

Back story on this quilt is that last fall I was given the amazing
opportunity (for me) to piece and quilt a new pattern with a new
line of fabric to be displayed at Fall Market.  To say the least, I
was over the moon ecstatic ... seriously.  

I committed myself to the task, received the new pattern
and all of the necessary materials to make the quilt.

Oh, I so wanted to be worthy ... 
silly I know .. but that is what I felt.
My work to be shown at MARKET! ...

Then my world fell in on itself...
Divorce aftermath, sick children, the part time job I
had then went seriously south, but I applied for and got
a new full time job, however the process itself took its toll,
over-committed myself on too many quilting projects
just so I can earn a bit more money to make ends meet,
then I got sick and to top it all off ... my sewing machine
dies in the middle of quilting what I wanted to be
perfection.  Yes, I wanted to seriously throw in 
the towel ... in every aspect of life at that time.

Not complaining, just explaining ...
Reality of life hit and it hit hard.

Well, the quilt ... I did everything I could just to finish
and send this quilt off to ensure it arrived by market.
I so seriously stressed myself out over it I know I
contributed to making myself sicker.  What was worse,
I knew I was sending off what for me was not quality work
... hey I'm type A +++ ... it's even my blood type!

Well, long story short, the quilt didn't make it to market.
It was that sad ... by the time it made it to where it was going,
the binding had pulled in so many places and the quilting
I had to rip out left wholes ... well, you can imagine.
When I received the quilt back from a very nice, but
probably embarrassed designer,  I stuffed this quilt in the
deepest, darkest corner I could find and tried to forget about it.
Well, I couldn't and didn't forget about it.  It sat heavily on my mind.
So recently, when I heard my daughters' school was looking for
donations to auction off for a school fundraiser, this quilt came to mind.

I pulled this baby out of the corner, carefully pulled off all of the
binding, cut the quilt edges so it was square again,
pressed out the binding and re-sewed it on, very carefully
making sure I would make the designer proud ... or better yet
make myself proud as I'm the worst critic of myself.

I can proudly state now that this quilt has been redeemed and 
will be donated for a good cause and I thank absolutely everyone that 
helped from the beginning of the process to the happy ending that
the quilt and I have both come to.

Thank you!

On a fun note, my little two year old friend is learning the
important function of potty training at day care, so for
her mother, I made this laminated tote to carry her
clothes back and forth to preschool. 

She liked it .... {smiles}

This weekend I also made myself a new wallet using

And, since I was already working with Bella, 
I used Bella for the wallets also.

When I finished the wallet, I realized that since I attach my
wallet to my set of keys so I can "grab and go" if I have 
to make a quick trip to the store, or I don't want to carry
my purse, I have my coin purse-wallet and keys in one spot.

I really have gotten hooked on using this method.  
I can say I haven't lost my keys since I started doing this 
{grin ... I probably just jinxed myself ... grin}

So, the second wallet I made, I modified the pattern, 
just a smidgen ...

I added a driver's license window pocket to the 
outside of the wallet and secured the pocket with a
tiny loop and button to ensure it doesn't fall out.

Yep, I'm set now ... 
but now I have an extra wallet.

And I truly thought that one of my you, 
my beloved followers, might enjoy using
the first wallet for yourself, or to give as a gift.

Here's the deal:
If you are one of my favorite peeps (a follower of my blog)
and you would like the chance to have this wallet mailed
to you ... can be in the US or International ...
please leave me one comment telling me you are a
Why-Knot-Kwilt follower, and answer me this:

What kind of chair do you use to sit in at your sewing machine?

Goofy question?  I know, but I have a bad back and more
often than not, it hurts a lot worse when I sit and sew, so
I am soon going to go chair shopping and I'd love to know
what most of you find comfortable.

Best of luck to you and I will random draw the 
winner on Friday, April 26th.  

No-reply bloggers, you know the drill, I hope, by now.
Put your email address in your comment or if you
are the randomly drawn winner, you can't be contacted
and another will be drawn to win.

Easy enough?  I hope so ... if you've read this far
you truly are appreciated and I thank you.

Until next time, I wish you well and happy,


  1. I remember that event - I stressed with a quilt for Amanda, too. Those are cute wallets, but my favorite chair for sewing and FMQ is not one you want on your list - it's my wheelchair with wonderful cushion and lumbar pillow.

  2. You make those who know and love you very proud to be called "friend"! You are a very talented young lady. Your donation is going to become a treasure to whomever ends up with it.
    My seat at my sewing machine is a stool and I do not recommend it for a bad back. But then I don't sprnd the time sewing like you do!

  3. I'm so glad this quilt has such a happy ending and I just love the wallets. So pretty - thanks for showing! (And I haven't found a favorite chair but would love to hear what others use!) Thanks for making my day!

  4. I am so glad you rescued this quilt. Whoever wins it will be in love. I use a straight kitchen chair at a folding table to do most of my cutting and quilting. :)

  5. What an interesting story behind your quilt, Wendy. I love your wallets. You've even put a zip in them! Don't know if I could do that! LOL! I like to use a computer chair when sewing. I can raise it a bit higher and it makes it easy to swing around to the ironing board.

  6. I'm a follower, thanks for the chance! my sewing chair is a crappy card table chair.

  7. I loved reading your quilt's history, and what a sweet donation it will make! Your wallet is so cute! I would love to give it a good home. My sewing chair is a computer chair without arms. I like the lift so I can sit a little higher at my machine than I can with a regular chair. Thanks for the fun!

  8. What a lovely end to your story, your quilt is going to make someone very happy. My chair isn't that good, it's an old typist chair! I like it because it moves around easily on the wheels but I can't honestly say it is very comfy. Thanks for the giveaway! Hugs Linda x

  9. I'm glad your quilt story had a happy ending after all!!
    My chair is just a straight backed kitchen chair but I too have back problems so I shall be reading everyone else's comments!
    Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  10. My sister gave me a Stump 8300 chair - walnut finish, navy fabric - for Christmas. The chair has a nice wide, comfy seat and excellent back support. I love my sewing machine chair!

    I am a follower.

  11. Your quilt story only makes that quilt donation even more special. It is beautiful, and knowing it is going to a worthy cause makes it even more beautiful. Thank you for your story...and the wonderful show and tell of those amazing little wallets...love the fabrics you've chosen and the excellent skills you've used to make super projects! My chair is a rolling office chair...but my back still gets sore...with me, I think it is an age thing, giggle. So my trick is to get out of the chair a lot...go to the fridge, go to the cookie jar, etc. Thanks for the chance for such a generous giveaway!

  12. Life is not fun! We just do the best that we are able, given our circumstances. Your quilt it really cute and carries your story with it. Chairs... I just use a cheap, rolling office chair and it isn't particularly comfy. It seems that no matter what chair I'm using, I sit right on the edge, leaning toward my machine. I have a back pillow, but don't lean back far enough to reach it. Like Lesley said above.... I just have to walk away periodically to stretch. Your wallets are lovely and I thank you for the giveaway....and I'm a follower.

  13. So glad you are bouncing back from all your unfortunate happenings! The quilt and the wallets are beautiful. Unfortunately I won't be any help about the chair. My sewing chair is (no joke) a kitchen chair probably from the 1970's that I have modified a bit by adding padding and recovering the seat. But the back is still the original vinyl it came with! Maybe it's time I consider getting a new one.
    Almost forgot...I follow and enjoy your blog.

  14. What a time you have, can't imagine how you must feel. Glad to hear things is turning to the positive side !!
    How wonderful you donated the quilt that gave you so much trouble, hope it will be coming in a good home :-)
    Love the wallets you made, they don't look easy to made !! And yes I'm a follower :-)

  15. What a delightful end to a threaded event lol. I am sure the auction will go very well...it looks beautiful ...and those wallets are pretty amazing as well..

    1. Oh I stand while sewing...my sewing machine is on my sewing table...so I don't sit when I am sewing , except for hand sewing...

  16. What a wonderful outcome to your quilt story. I sit in an office chair with wheels. I can adjust it for when I am machine quilting so I sit higher and get a better look at my quilting. I am a follower. Hugs

  17. cute wallets! Actually I stand when I sew. My sewing table is counter height and when I go to retreats or sew-ins, it is quite awkward to sit and sew.

  18. Love the wallets! I sit in a big comfy computer chair. Works for me. I'm usually leaning forward, kind of on the edge of my seat when I sew, so don't really use the back. ha.

  19. I am a happy follower. Those are cute wallets :D LOL, my favorite chair for sewing is my dining chair. HAHA.. I sew at my dining table.

  20. I am a follower. I am so happy that your beautiful quilt has been redeemed. It is beautiful. So are the wallets.
    I sew at a computer chair from IKEA. I like it, but it needs some padding.

  21. That is a really cute wallet. I use a swifel chair. I raise the highth when I am machine quilting so I can keep my back straight. Thanks for having a nice give away.

  22. my hubby got me a office chair for my birthday year before last. that's a real cute wallet

  23. Oh the pressure we put on ourselves! I'm glad that you gave the quilt a second try because it is BEEEEEAUTIFUL~! Girl, you have an eye for color - that is why I am one of your blog lurkers. And as for the chair - I use one of my kitchen chairs. I have one of those Gidget tables (the one where the machine sits down below the table) but found I had to raise the table with bricks underneath each of the legs so that my back wouldn't hurt. So it wasn't so much the chair that was important to me, but the height of the table. Hope that makes sense to you!

  24. I am a follower via GFC! My sewing chair is an old kitchen chair with a soft cushion for my fanny!!

  25. It's great that your quilt is now going to be enjoyed by somebody. I am a follower by email. I use a swivel office chair, I find it very comfortable & am able to sew for a long time. The castors allow me to scoot to the table or the ironing board & back again. lyn.robyn.smith@gmail.com

  26. I am a Why-Knot-Kwilt follower, and I love your blog. The chair I use at the sewing machine? It's an old 'secretarial' chair from the law firm I used to work at. (Don't tell my old attorney boss that I ended the sentence with a preposition!) Anyway, we brought home two of these swivel chairs when the management was tossing out office furniture. I have one at the sewing machine and there's one at the computer. I would love to have a nice IKEA chair, though. Someday---

  27. I am a follower and I love my chair. I bought a leather office chair from Office Depot when they were on sale. It doesn't have arms, it rolls, and I can adjust the height. I like the quilt and the wallets. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I am a follower. Ok be ready to scratch your head... my sewing area is kind of a make shift room and things are re purposed. I sit on a ratan cube that is suppose to be a foot stool. Well don't judge it works... for now!

  29. I'm glad you found a way to finish that quilt. Is is really pretty but I am a bit biased since I'm a huge fan of Amanda's fabrics and I'm over the heals in love with Bella. I have my own stack and can't wait to use it.

    For my sewing chair, I was really picky and tried out a ton until I found something really comfortable. Trying to find something that doesn't cost and arm and a leg, is comfy and doesn't have arms isn't easy. This is the one that I bought at Office Max. http://www.officemax.com/office-furniture/chairs/product-prod4140138 (I got black but for some reason that doesn't show on their website right now.)
    It is really great, the seat contours keep me from getting a sore back or numb legs and it was only $50. Win, win. Good luck with your hunt.

  30. HI, loved your blog and your honestly. I can relate, when life hits...it hits! Your quilt is so nice. I would love to win your prize. Also my back gets sore and I use an office chair but get up ever hour if not more so I can continue sewing and quilting.

  31. Life...sneaks up and bites you! I really just wanted to share my FAVORITE chair! It is actually a dental side chair that I got on eBay. Have the moveable arm rest and adjustable seat/back AND height ROCKS! They are so comfy and enjoy pulling it up to my quilt frame for smaller projects or if fussy quilting in designated areas. Nice to be able to rest on the arm! Hope you are having a great day!