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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I did it!!

 I'd like to introduce you to my sweet Reader Seater:
Above dressed up in Sweetwater's Sunkissed fabric, 
and below, as you originally met her,
 in her Nancy Drew Get a Clue glory:

Well, today, it is official.  You can dress up your Reader Seater
in whatever fabric you choose by creating your by getting the pattern
I designed with step by step instructions and pictures available
over at Craftsy link here

Please let me know what you think.  I've tried really hard with this
first pattern of mine to make it easy for everyone, however, I
am human and may have very easily made a mistake .... let me know
and I will do my utmost to correct it, or help you through any 
rough spot you find yourself in attempting my pattern.

Meanwhile, I've been doing a few other things this week, though
I didn't get pictures ... I finished a purse/tote for a friend that was started but never finished due to her frustration with the pattern.  I did a quilt binding for a customer. I made a crayon roll up for another friend to give as a gift and am in the process of finishing another quilt which someone has purchased from me.
Oh yeah, and this week I was able to go to my daughter's literary lunch at school, make a batch of peanut butter cookies as a gift for another friend who I was so fortunate enough to have a wonderful breakfast with yesterday ... and after three hours, we decided we needed to get together a little more often ;) ... go figure!

I am also mostly on top of my laundry and there aren't too many dirty dishes in the sink.

I'd say this week was an accomplishment!

Ah, dang .... a new week starts today ... oh well, best be getting back into the cycle before I miss something and get tripped up and really mess up everything!!

Thank you so very much for visiting and I will be back soon as you see I've signed up for a couple more of Sew We Quilt's marvelous hops and I just can't wait to see the inspiration provided by those!

Until then ... Happy hugs and very warm hearted wishes to each of you!


  1. OMG!! This seater is even cuter (if that's possible) than ND! Thank you for all your time and effort :)

  2. I got the pattern ever since I seen this I have liked it...now I will make one..thanks Wendy for doing up the pattern

  3. Good Morning Clever Girl!
    I LOVE your 'Seater'.. It is so clever and useful as well. Your Reader-Seater will take on a different personality with the 'upholstery' each person chooses as they design their own. Hummmm, can I find some proper small coffee-cup fabric? I hope you get lots and lots of pictures from the completed projects. No THAT would make a fun 'blog-hop' wouldn't it? Personally, I can almost sense the feeling coming back into my fingers from all the 'late-night' reading I do with my Kindle. I never want to put it down but with the 'Seater' placed in a 'just right position' I will continue to read late into the night (((smiles))).
    Wishing you a wonderful week!!

  4. Hihihi ... that is so cute !!