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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I did it!!

 I'd like to introduce you to my sweet Reader Seater:
Above dressed up in Sweetwater's Sunkissed fabric, 
and below, as you originally met her,
 in her Nancy Drew Get a Clue glory:

Well, today, it is official.  You can dress up your Reader Seater
in whatever fabric you choose by creating your by getting the pattern
I designed with step by step instructions and pictures available
over at Craftsy link here

Please let me know what you think.  I've tried really hard with this
first pattern of mine to make it easy for everyone, however, I
am human and may have very easily made a mistake .... let me know
and I will do my utmost to correct it, or help you through any 
rough spot you find yourself in attempting my pattern.

Meanwhile, I've been doing a few other things this week, though
I didn't get pictures ... I finished a purse/tote for a friend that was started but never finished due to her frustration with the pattern.  I did a quilt binding for a customer. I made a crayon roll up for another friend to give as a gift and am in the process of finishing another quilt which someone has purchased from me.
Oh yeah, and this week I was able to go to my daughter's literary lunch at school, make a batch of peanut butter cookies as a gift for another friend who I was so fortunate enough to have a wonderful breakfast with yesterday ... and after three hours, we decided we needed to get together a little more often ;) ... go figure!

I am also mostly on top of my laundry and there aren't too many dirty dishes in the sink.

I'd say this week was an accomplishment!

Ah, dang .... a new week starts today ... oh well, best be getting back into the cycle before I miss something and get tripped up and really mess up everything!!

Thank you so very much for visiting and I will be back soon as you see I've signed up for a couple more of Sew We Quilt's marvelous hops and I just can't wait to see the inspiration provided by those!

Until then ... Happy hugs and very warm hearted wishes to each of you!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Mystery Here ... Nancy Drew Hop

It is certainly no mystery that this hop is filled with absolutely
creative stitchers!  To be honest, I feel a little below par this
time around with my sewing machine woes, but I will
still share because, well, heck, this is what I created ....
So, why don't you pull up a seat for your reader ...
you know your Kindle, your Nook, or your Ipad,
your choice ...
I share with you my Reader Seater: 
 I'd apologize for the quality of the pictures, but with the weather we've been
 having and the hours I've been working, its been dang near impossible to
get outside for a nice shot without rain or to try and catch the sun ...
I'm sure you all understand and will give me a pass ... won't you?
What?  You don't have one? 
Well darn it all, the pattern should be available
real soon, by none other than yours truly ...
This Reader Seater is approximately 12" by 10" and
filled with polyfill beans just like a bean bag.
You see, I was inspired to make this Reader Seater because
more often than not, I'm sitting in my bed late at night either reading
 or cruising blogs, or even catching a movie, on my reader. 
Normally, that late at night, I'm tired and my hands get very
 uncomfortable hanging on to the reader.  I do have one of
 those fancy cases that fold into a sort of tripod stand, but
 then there's the question of stability if I move the slightest bit.
This Seater is actually a beanbag I designed for this hop
and I thought how fitting it would be to have a Reader
chair made out of Nancy Drew's book bindings, just like
 library shelves.  Yes, really, as soon as I saw this Nancy Drew
Get a Clue fabric, this is what I had in mind ... isn't it fun? 
I believe the final pattern have a pocket on the side, or even the back,
but for the blog hop, I wanted to showcase the Nancy Drew books.
Well, I will stop droning on about my creation and
 encourage you to visit my fellow creators today:
Friday, March 15, 2013
I am sure you will be inspired by so many and as I am,
grateful for the leadership of Carol of Just Let Me Quilt
 and for Madame Samm for her brilliant ideas and
willingness to steer so many of us to be creative.
Thank you Ladies!!
And I also thank each and every one of you that visit not
only me but every one along the hop and leave such very
kind words that mean so very much to us creative souls!
Warm hearted wishes to you,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another week ...

Hey ya all! Thank you for stopping in to visit
with me today!

Did you happen to see that Kelly from Charming Chatter
is back in the bloggihood??  She is one of the most
inspiring and uplifting bloggers it's been my pleasure
to experience.  Welcome back Kelly!!

Due to my lack of machine at Christmas time, I was
unable to complete many a present for friends and family.
One of those projects was a gift for my sister.  
Well, this week she has a birthday ... 
and I was able to make this for her:

Market Bag pattern from Sweetwater.

However, I sadly report that once again,
my new replacement Pfaff machine 
needs to be replaced AGAIN??!!!

The Pfaff rep says I must just be one of those unfortunate 
few that has a black cloud over my head when it comes to
machines.  While I appreciate more than words can say
the fact that I have a machine, I'd appreciate it even more
if I had a machine that I could depend on. 

Another day ... such is life ... So ...

I'm also sharing with you today the list of
Nancy Drew Get a Clue blog hop stops
for Monday through Thursday this week ...
brought to us by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt

Monday, March 11, 2013 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 

Thursday, March 14, 2013 

Why knot Friday? 
Well, you'll need to come back on Friday to find out.

So, until Friday ... I wish you all the most wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the Clue Is ... Nancy Drew Hop

Welcome aboard the newest hop to come 
from our favorite leader of cheers, Madame Samm.

Nancy Drew Get A Clue Blog Hop.  
Projects of our choosing using fabrics 
from the Get A Clue fabric line by Moda.
You can see their fabric collection here.

This hop's cheers are being lead by 

While you can get the full schedule at any time by clicking
on the hop icon on the right of my blog which will take
you to Carol's Get a Clue hop headquarters, I've
provided this week's hop participants which include
the following super stitching sleuths:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 

Thursday, March 7, 2013 

Friday, March 8, 2013 
Blackberry Creek Home Arts

Please join me in enjoying this fun and creative
hop which is sure to bring many ace detectives of
stitch piecing out of the shadows.  Be sure to
come back next Friday when I get to share what
I have created with my Get a Clue Nancy Drew fabric.

Until then, I look forward to seeing 
you along the hopping trail.

Best wishes,