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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's All About Me, Day 8 (Last Day)

All About Me Blog hop ...  Last, but not least day

Thank you to everyone who participated
and made us all chuckle and giggle along the way!

It's all about ME
A pattern by Ms. Amy Bradley ... and
personalized by each of participant along the hop.

I adore Amy Bradley.
 (you can see her great work here)

Day 8's line up includes:

Thank you Cheerleader Marlene for your wonderful
leadership of cheers .... the full schedule can be found at
Marlene from Stitchin by the LAKE, 
just in case you get sidetracked along the way.

Sincere thanks to Madame Samm, for all your
behind the scene organization and inspiration!

Happy hopping, and please enjoy the biased view
of each who share along they way ...
you never know what you may learn from
your fellow neighbors and they from you.

warm hearted wishes,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's All About Me, Day 3 -- My Day to Share

It's all about ME
A pattern by Ms. Amy Bradley ... and
personalized by each of participant along the hop.

I adore Amy Bradley.
 (you can see more of her here)
... though I have to admit I have not made much time
for myself to actually enjoy her patterns nor make anything
for myself.  Therein lies the reason I so quickly jumped
at the chance to sign up for this blog hop!!

Many thanks to Ms. Bradley for providing the pattern 
for this hop ... pretty darn cute!

Without further adieu ... 
Meet Millie ...

Millie is me ... just hopefully not for about twenty years, or more.  
You may even notice she too has grey streaks running through
her brown hair, much like myself and a bit of flip at the ends of
hair to match the bit of a biased attitude hiding behind
her rose-colored glasses with which she views the world. 

And of course, she's got a touch of bling at the
corner of her glasses and atop her pins.

Millie will be hanging around, keeping me company
in my sewing room, making me smile with her 
brazen "What's your point?" biased attitude.

Please make time to visit my fellow posters today:

Why-Knot-Kwilt (you are here)

I am sure you will find much to smile about and 
appreciate along this All About Me hop.

Thank you Cheerleader Marlene!

Remember the full schedule can be found at
Marlene from Stitchin by the LAKE,
 just in case you get sidetracked along the way.

Happy hopping, and please enjoy the biased view
of each who share along they way ...
you never know what you may learn from
your fellow neighbors and they from you.

warm hearted wishes,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hugs & Kisses Hop, Day 5 - My Day To Share!

My day to share!

When I first saw the post about this hop,
an idea came into my head and I just had to
create it for this hop. ...  however, my lovely
little quiltie was a bit shy as I could not
seem to get a very good picture, so
I share with you the same quilt, in two
different poses ....
As those of you who leave comments for me
know, my saying is that "my heart is hugged" with
every kind word you share.
So, truly, My Heart is Hugged makes her debut today.
And as I said, since she was so camera shy, I tried to
take a better close-up of the center because that is
the true "heart" of my design:

Top is inside:
Bottom is outside:
 Again, two photos by which you wouldn't know
that in person, she's a beauty.  But My Heart Is Hugged
just clamored to be made for this hop and my daughters are
pleased they have a Valentines Day "season" wall hanging.
It pleases my daughters even more that we
created the heart's message together ...
we use it daily.
What more could I ask for??
Well ... I have another share ...
which came along jus this past weekend.
My first-grader, Abbie, made this placemat
in class last week, and I was immediately struck with
the thought that I needed to make it into a more
permanent piece of art:
Therefore, I started like this:
On my applique sheet, I laid 1 inch sq pieces upside-down
over a heart pattern paper underneath the sheet.

I then pressed the fusible wonder-under over the
piecesof scraps I had just laid out ...remember ...
on the backside of the fabric.
When I turned over the fused pieces,
this is what I ended up with. 

I then cut out the heart shape, cutting off
all of the unwanted raw edges
(though the uneven edges would've been cute too)
And this is what I ended up with ... right side up :)
After peeling off the paper backing, I did freemotion
quilting on this heart before appliquing it to
the background ... just to tack down the loose edges.
And this is the end masterpiece ... 
 I do believe my daughter forgives me my
license to change up her pattern just a smidge :)
Her one critique was why didn't I use a heart to
dot the "i" in pieces ... I just didn't have a heart
button big enough to do the piece justice.
She understood.
Thank you so very much for visiting with me today!!
Please do the same kindness to my fellow posters
today as I know each and every one of them will
appreciate your visit just as much as I!

Friday, February 15th

Why Knot Kwilt (you are here)
Madame Samm and Cheerleader Jane,
I give to you both my heart-felt thanks
and gratitude for this hop and for all
your behind-the-scenes organization!

warm hearted wishes!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hugs & Kisses Hop, Day 4 and more

On this day when just about everyone turns to thinking
of hearts, roses, love, and valentines,
I wish everyone, everywhere, all good and
wonderful things that will make your heart happy!
As my daughters attend their classroom Valentine's Day
parties, I've made these cookies for each of
them to take to class with them:
I actually found the idea by crusing Pinterest!
Very quick, easy and .... EASY!
Strawberry wafer cookies dipped in melted
vanilla chips and then pressed with sprinkles.

And you know, on Pinterest you will also find
a board wherein Madame Samm has posted all
of the beauties to be found on this hop, in case
you haven't yet had the time to visit everyone who
has posted thus far.  Today's line up is as follows:


Remember the full schedule can be found at
Jane's Fabrics and Quilts
just in case you get sidetracked along the way.

Please be sure to visit on Friday, as
I'm very happy to be able to share with
you my creations for this Hugs & Kisses Hop!!
Happy hopping, and please share the love
so it may be returned to warm your heart ...

warm hearted, loving wishes,

Friday, February 8, 2013

Blog Hopping Virtues

I can easily say that looking over my blog this past year, my life is a hugely different than a year ago, much less when I originally started this adventure in the blogihood.  For those of you few that visit me often, you too know my life has been through some changes.  For me, they are for the better.  For my blog .... well not so much. {chuckle} I have often contemplated discontinuing my senseless ramblings, and sporadic crafty shares, but I am so very grateful for the friendships that those of you that visit and comment have gifted me with that I just don't want to leave the neighborhood.

Therein lies my gratitude for these marvelous blog hop opportunities. The new blogs and talented artists that are introduced to me, along with the inspiring works shared with each blog hop, are bright spots for me to look forward to.

To me, it's kind of like a quilt guild, online.  I don't belong to a local one yet, while trying to find that rhythm in this new life of mine, I like these hops even more by being challenged to create something new and meet a deadline in order to participate with a wonderful line up of quilters/crafters/sewers .... neighbors.  Being cheered by others whom you admire and learn from ... what's better than that?  How about knowing that my cheers for my fellow participants my lend just a bit of encouragement when they might need it? 
Monday brings us the start of another fun and creative blog hop under the guidance of Madame Samm of SewWeQuilt.  This hop's head cheerleader is Jane of Jane's Fabrics and Quilts.  Really cool tidbit here ... when I first started quilting about eight years ago, I began exploring the world of online quilting by participating in the FabShop Hops ... Jane's was one of my favorite stops way back then and one I always remember with her bright and cheery smiling blond icon.  

Well, Jane is still bright and cheery and as sweet as can be, leading the cheers on the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop, which begins Monday.  You can catch up on the full schedule by clicking on the icon on the left side of my blog.  I'm scheduled to share on Friday and hope those of you who visit will visit with me then.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and visiting when you can.  
I'd sure appreciate knowing you stopped by and 
I'm striving to do better in returning the visits.

Happy hugs and warm-hearted wishes!