Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.(Philippians 4:8)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you .... 2013

Courtesy of Madame Samm!  Thank you!

I happily bid adieu to 2012 
and heartily welcome 2013!

I am thankful for those who supported me, 
   for you helped me find my foundation,
I am thankful for those who challenged me, 
   for you helped me discover solutions,
I am thankful for those who listened to me, 
   for you helped me find release,
I am thankful for those who inspired me,
   for you helped me through dark times,
I am thankful for the voices in my head 
that say "you can do it ..."
   for your voices are becoming louder
 than those voices in my head
 that say "you can't"

I am most thankful for those of you that ask for no "thank yous" at all
   for you are truly holders of special places in my heart.

I am thankful for the new life I am finding. 
 I am thankful for the daughters I have been blessed with. 
 I am grateful for the new job and wonderful group of people
 I have been so fortunate as to have become a part of, 
 I am thankful for the roof over my head, the quilts to wrap
 around myself when I'm cold, and for the ability to put 
food in the cupboard and gas in the car.

I am on my knees with gratitude to God
for bringing all of you and all that I have
to be thankful for in my life when so many
more have so much less.

Today I will even be thankful for my broken
sewing machine which has been down for more
thank a week ... just today, mind you, for
I've spent that much more time enjoying 
my daughters these past few days and
they did not mind that their Christmas
quilts weren't completed .... but yes
they expect me to finish them soon ;)

I wish each of you more love, more happiness, 
and, of course, more time to be creative, in 2013!

Happy hugs and warm-hearted wishes,

Monday, December 24, 2012

I wish you ...

I sincerely wish each of you every happiness
you could hope for, and more!

Words ... words have been missing from my blog and now, after recent events, I have no words that can even begin to express the depth of sorrow I, like so many others, feel for all of those families... I have absolutely no imagination for the reasons and want none that would lead me to understand it ... my daughters are first and second graders.  I was in a news void before, and am more so now ... just being grateful for every moment I am blessed with them in my life.  So the words I have now ...

God bless .... God bless the families that remain, God bless the teachers who return to the school rooms, and God bless each of you for surviving the best you can.

I started my new job about six weeks ago... therein lies most of the reason for my absence. Full time leaves little time for much else besides just existing and these days existing is an accomplishment!

I've been doing extra work outside of my regular job and kids by picking up quilting and sewing jobs when available. Amongst the hemming of pants, and binding of quilts, and making of purses and mini bags for a craft bazaar and gift orders, I put together this t-shirt quilt for a lady who wanted to surprise her daughter for Christmas. Finished it last weekend:

She made my day when, after her husband came by to pick it up, she called
me to say that she cried when she saw it as she had no idea it would
be so wonderful ... how much nicer can it get ?
This past week I made a crayon/marker roll up and another make up case
though I didn't stop long enough to take photos.
I also finished this ... remember this wreath from my
Fall into Fall block?? I finished it! I gifted it to a friend
and told her it had an identify crisis ... I made it into a
pillow case, though it could be used as a table topper
or even as a wall hanging .... since I couldn't make up
my mind I figured she could do with it what she wanted.
Yesterday morning I started with this:

And by the end of the day, I ended with this:
And today, I got this top finished:

Yes, my girls have been absent from the house, so ....
They are both getting quilts for Christmas.... now
whether or not I get them quilted tomorrow is another
guess ... my sewing machine ceazed up again today
and put a kabosh on me finishing these babies.
After an hour or two of calm ... I opened the machine
and dusted, and oiled, and cranked,
and my patience paid off ... I got it working again!
Again ... Thank you God!
I apologize for the pictures .... took them with my phone.
Heaven only knows at the pace I'm going that I'm lucky enough
to grab a picture, let alone a good one. Besides, I think I drained
the battery on the camera at both of my daughter's Christmas
programs these past two weeks :)

I did take this picture on my phone, thought it
was pretty darn good ... subject matter obviously
the best! Please take a moment to give who ever
is in your life a hug, a touch of comfort, or a kind
word ... and if you are feeling very generous
share a kind word with a stranger ... you never
know if that word will make their day!
I wish each of you and everyone you
hold dear a very merry Christmas!