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Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend Work on being Priceless

What a Week!
Wicked hop is over ... Wow!
Thank you so much to everyone
who hopped along with us, and everyone
who contributed ... couldn't have done it
without you!
Now Katherine will be bringing us the
U R Priceless hop and we will certainly
see some cuteness along the way.
The full schedule can be found by clicking
on the icon on the right.
I'll see you soon with more to share of the
projects I am working on  ... lots of fun!


  1. It was an amazing hop with so many new fun ideas. Great job Wicked Wendy!

  2. I'm almost done with my purse, just need to sew on the handles for monday!

  3. Wishing you a very wonderful relaxing week-end! You have earned it! Onward to the next step! (((smiles)))

  4. Thanks for Wicked. I had fun participating.

  5. Thanks for being "wicked" with us. I did enjoy the opportunity it join in.


  6. Can't ait to see what you are making !!