“In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. . . . And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.” Romans 12:6-8

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wicked Hop and a Wicked Tale

Wicked Wednesday ...
October 31st ...
Our last day of the Wicked Hop ...
Today's schedule brings you the following:
Wicked Wednesday,
October 31st

Please join me in cheering for all of our
Wicked Bloggers and the delightfully
wicked creations each has shared.
I give my thanks to all of you for joining
in and encouraging our fellow crafters...
I give special thanks to our Head Cheerleader,
who keeps us inspired to try new things
and keeps us on task ... thank you!
Today I also share with you my wickedly sad
tale of woe ... what better day to share than the
day of spooks and things that go bump in the night?

Meet the Quilt that Almost Wasn't ...
 Actually, this beauty is called "Sunflower"
designed by Amanda Murphy, using her
new line called Bella, which were debuted at
last week's Quilt Market.

Yes! Me!  I was so honored as to make a quilt
for the awesome and amazing Amanda Murphy
and the  totally unrelated 'murphy's law'
struck me wickedly!!

Remember a few weeks back when I was
so horribly sick that I couldn't even sew???
Yep, this beauty was sitting on my cutting table
and I couldn't even put a stitch in it.
Whahhh! --

Week 2 brings me healthy enough
to piece this marvel ... during the evenings
since I had to go to work during the day,
making up the time I missed work due
to illness. ... Small boohhooos ...

Week 3 --- I have my chance to show the
quilt market world that I can sew and quilt
... ... ...
yes ...
wait for it ...
Yep, my less than one-year old Pfaff
dies and I cry ... and cry.
After several desperate phone calls,
a very uncooperative local Pfaff dealer,
Cherrie, a Pfaff rep from the Pfaff
headquarters made a call and a few emails, and
the dealer agreed to work on my machine.
...  the following week ...
(yes, again!)
My back up machine was dead,
the reason for the new machine, in the first place,
so now, I'm again healthy enough to sew,
but can't due to a sick sewing machine.
I had my market quilt half free-motion quilted,
which I had to "un-sew" due to the inability
to finish where I left off
and that took me three evenings.

Week 4 ... I get my machine back.
I finish the quilt and very humbly
and gratefully package the quilt and
ship to the darling Amanda Murphy
in hopes to get it to her in time for market.

 I am extremely grateful the beauty is a completed story...
wicked though it is ... I learned I have persistence and
perseverance if not complete and utter pride that
I can share that I had a quilt at market ...

Wicked enough tale???

LOL ... yes, I can laugh about it now.

Bless each of you for visiting and
bless all those surviving Storm Sandy on the
east coast line of these United States.

Happy Halloween all and Wicked Wishes ~


  1. Thank you for all you have done with this 'wicked' blog hop! And so understand the 'market' whoa and jitter - but glad you were able to come thru.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting this blog Wendy! Glad you got your machine fixed, your quilt done, and you're feeling better. Great job! Hugs to you.

  3. Your tale of woe is such a sad story, with a wonderful ending! Your quilt is fabulous! Love it and had noticed it on some of the other blogger's pictures of the Market...fabulous. But what a challenge you had to get it finished! Thank goodness you persevered! Thank you as we'll for working with Madame Samm to give us an excellent Wicked hop.

  4. Wendy thank you so much for hosting this wonderful blog hop. I realy enjoyed it !!
    What a storie about the quilt, I'm glad you are healthy again and the sewing machine is running. The quilt is very beautiful !!

  5. I'm so glad that you got through the machine woes and was able to get the quilt done in time. I've had machine issues lately too and it totally sucks. This hop has been fantastic and thank you for all your hard work.

  6. Thank you for hosting this (my very first) blog hop as a stop! You made it fun and all the other bloggers made it so interesting with all their creativity just bubbling out of their cauldrons. Glad you got the quilt finished...its a beauty. Thanks Wendy!

  7. It has been a fun time! Thanks for all the work you put into it. It was my first blog hop and it makes me much more settled to do more!!!

  8. Thank you Wendy for sewing us your Wickedness on a Spooktacular hop. I always enjoy visting and happy that your Pfaff is in good health. I too have a Pfaff and has been a gift to sew on. There is not a dealer in town, but I found someone who works mircles on my ill machines. Quilt is beautiful! Judith, Texas

  9. Thank you Wendy for your kind thoughts to all of the 'Sandy ' storm victims...it seems to make my problems non-existant.. You have been a wonderful hostess . This has been a fun hop with so many talented people joining in during your time!! Wishing you a wonderful week. Your quilt is beautiful by the way, so sorry you had such struggles, but it looks as if the struggles were worth the outcome.

  10. oh no what a story!!!
    Thank you for hosting this hop it was just well.....WICKED!

  11. Ah, Wendy, dear, I'm sorry to say I think you missed the real moral of the story which is that you deserve to have a couple more machines at your disposal! lol For emergencies, you know...we're all supposed to be into disaster preparedness and it sounds like your story qualifies! Seriously, though, great job battling through...your quilt is lovely!

  12. Thanks for a great Wicked hop!

  13. Thanks for all your work with the blog hop. :-)
    Sorry to hear about your machin, I have two ( working) knock wood!!
    It's a terrible feeling when they dies, and that will always happen in the midle of something difficult.. The quilt turned ut just beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Regards from Skåne