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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wicked Blog Hop DAY TWO!!

Forty-six Pinterest Pins on Madame Samm's
Wicked blog hop board for the first day!!
Wicked Cool!

Please join us Tuesday for more
Wicked fun with these wonderful

Terrifying Tuesday,
23rd of October

As for me .... this was my
Monday evening Wickedness:
That's right ... guttin' pumpkins!

But oh! The girls were enjoying themselves ...
And yes, here are the finished results,
instead of candles, I've used strings of orange
and purple mini-lights inside of them...
Wicked Cool!
I look forward to checking in with you again ...
Until then ... Wicked Wishes!


  1. Great job carving-it's not all that easy for us drawing/design challenged!

  2. Those carved punpkins are beautiful !! The girls did a great job.

  3. They did a great job on the pumpkins!! They look wicked. :)

  4. How fun! Looks like you and your girls had a 'wickedly' great time with their pumpkins! Great job girls!!!
    Nice projects so far on the hop.... Still love your door banner!

  5. Not bad! I love jack o'lanterns.

  6. What fun, your pumpkin carvers are the cutest.....and well your jack-o-lanterns....wicked. Great job girls!!

  7. That is some awesome pumpkin carving, and I love your idea for lighting the pumpkins. They look really wicked!

  8. Very cool. I love to carve pumpkins. I only have 4 to do this year.

  9. BOO !!! Where's the "Wicked" lady with day 3 :P

  10. Hey Wendy, sounds like you have been more than busy. You make me feel like I am sitting still.