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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seven Days Til WICKED!!

Now ya all probably know I don't need a
reason to be wicked ... hee hee hee ...
Just ask my kids, I'm sure they'd tell you
I'm the wicked witch:
Okay ... so there are days,
when this is a very flattering photo :)
However, I do have to disagree
with my darling munchkins...
I'm just so excited about having
a REAL reason to be WICKED ...
Yep! Wicked Blog Hop starts in
seven days!

And did you know that Riley Blake has again
sponsored some pretty wicked prizes???

Take a look ...
Yes, that's two fat quarter bundles of
Halloween fabrics and one fat quarter
bundle of Christmas fabrics ...
Sweet Treats, eh???
Well, I best be getting back to
my cauldron before the little
monsters escape and do their worst ...

 See you soon ... until then,

Wicked Wishes ~


  1. You have a wicked signature today! Keep a watch out for those hands!

  2. "...and the plot thickens..." well the anticipation is building for sure! B-)

  3. I cannot wait. First time my blog will be a "hop stop" Can you hear my WICKED screammmmmmmmmmmmm!

  4. Tick - tack - tick - tack .... Listen how the clock keeps ticking ... every second the wicked blog hop comes closer.
    I'm counting ..... :-)

  5. I'm dancing around my cauldron adding pinches of this and dashes of that, waiting for it to bubble with trouble...7 days away you say? Can't wait to screech and play! heheheheh

  6. Looks like this is one is lining up to be a 'cackling' great bunch of fun!! Wishing you a super day!

  7. Dark clouds are forming over my house...I feel the wickedness coming.