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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mmm...Mmm ... & Wicked Day Trey!

My intentions were Wicked this evening...
Wicked as in I had plans to sew myself
a little bit of Wicked fun ... just because.
I mean really .... did you see the super
cute Frankie mug rug on the hop yesterday???
And the dear blogger ... (you have to search
for her!) is offering the chance to win
a pattern of it too ... Wicked!
How adorable was that???
But dang it all ...
the girls and I decided
to whip up a bit of MMM ... MMM ...
Wicked Good Delicious
peanut butter cookies:
Well, I think my evening turned out wicked good.
Irretrievable time with my girls and treats to eat.
My youngest wanted me to be sure to include
her picture showing her expertise
in "smushing" the cookies in the oh-so-
appropriate peanut butter cookie pattern ...
How could I not oblige?
Now for what you want to know,
how about Wednesday's line up for
our awesomely Wicked Blog Hop?
Please join me in cheering for the Wicked
good talent and amazing projects that are
being shared on each stop of this hop.
Have you been as amazed as I?
Goodness, the talent being displayed!
Witchy Wednesday,
October 24th
I give my sincere thanks to each blogger
and each hopper participating in this
hop ... the inspiration is heart warming
as are the cheers each of you willingly
share with each blogger ...
Cheers for each of you!
Remember to stop by Sew We Quilt to
see the top two picks each day,
along with the honorable mention for
completed project ...
Be sure to check out the way cool
bat hidden in Sew Me Something Good's
block ... Wicked Cool!
Madame Samm also offers us a
Pinterest link to all of the blocks
made for this hop to date.
Well worth the visit!
Wicked Wishes ~


  1. Oh, love cookies right out of the oven -

  2. Ohhh ... those cookies look so yummy ... can you swing a few this way LOL.
    Lovely picture of your daughter !

  3. "Into every life some cookies must fall....." Well not exactly a 'correct' quote, but oh well. Girls must be girls. Love those 'smooshed' cookies! Loving the hop thus far as well. Such fun!

  4. Today is my day and this is my FIRST blog hop as a participant. I am so enjoying the comments form hoppers. I am so honored to be with so many talented yet WICKED folks. Thank you and Madam Samm for the opportunity to be WICKED with ALL the participants! Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures.

  5. Mmmm... I thought I could smell cookies while I was working yesterday. ;o) Looks like you have an expert handling the cookie smooshing duties. lol Her method looks more fun than simply using a fork!

    Thanks so much for helping us have such a Wicked fun time on this hop, Wendy!

  6. Hi Wendy!!! I just finished looking at all the wicked blogs today!!! WOW!!! Everyone of them are amazing!!! Sew fun!!! Your girls are very pretty!!! The cookies look yummy!!! Glad you shared your fun day with them!!!!

  7. Hi, wonderful job. These blog hops are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yummo. Time together is the best and making cookies is one of my kidlets favorite things too. I got to have loads of family time yesterday myself.....chaperoning PreK and Kindergarteners to the pumpkin patch/corn maze place. Needless to say that by the end of the day I had no energy to sew.

  9. HI Girls....yes what is a wicked week without some sweet treats....
    mmmm looks wonderful