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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Blog Hop of Wicked Goodness

What is WICKED?
WICKED is "Very, extremely" or "Cool, great"
WICKED Definition / WICKED Means
The definition of WICKED is "Very, extremely" or "Cool, great"
The Meaning of WICKED
WICKED means "Very, extremely" or "Cool, great"
...per internetslang.com
Blog hop,
also known as blog hopping, is to move from one blog
after another to read the entries or to leave comments

Well, when a certain someone gets involved,
we get a Wicked Blog Hop!

 Starting here on Monday, October 22nd.
Wicked good wishes to you ~


  1. Wishing you a wonderful day!! Let us know?

  2. Ohhh ... you are wicked, but I'm also :-) Stil counting the days till its begin !!
    Now I'm hopping another halloween blog hop, they post each time a paper piecing halloween block and that is fun too. Today I posted the first block I made and I have still many to make hihihi ... thats wicked too !

  3. Tick-tack-tick-tack .... the Wicked clock is ticking !! Only 3 days to go :-)