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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Workin' ... Dots and Leafs a'Fallin'

It's hard to tell from this picure, but I took
this photo outside, in the daylight hours ...
before 9 a.m.!! We have so much smoke in the air,
all I can say is it's making for beautiful
sunrises and sunsets but lousy photos :)
. . .
Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
I made this quilt for a client who saw a
similar quilt in a catalog but couldn't find a
color/design she liked so she picked out
these materials and asked if it could be made. 
She wanted a simple strip quilt of varying sized
stripes.  This is a close up of the focus fabric ....
Liberty of London fabric ...
see the Kitty of Hello Kitty??

This quilt is right now 82 by 94 ... however,
the finished quilt will have scalloped edges

and will be bound with the dark burgundy
fabric you see above in the main quilt. 
Simple design that should please
the client with all her choices.
Monday marks the return of our
Dots on Dots Blog Hop
and the following are scheduled:

September 17th
Please join me in appreciating the inspiration and
creativity being offered by these fantastic artists.
Again, I thank Corrie and Madame Samm 
for their cheerleading skills ... marvelous!
Truly enjoyable!
And as this blog hop continues, I am preparing for the next which
Cherry of Cherry Blossoms will be leading, Leafs Me Happy, beginning
October 1st.  Isn't Fall a wonderful time of year?
It happens to be my favorite season for so very many reasons
and what a joy it will be to see all the different blocks
that will certainly come to be seen during this Fall hop.
So, join me, please in being inspired and thank you
to all who visit and all who share!  Remember if at any
time you wish to return to the current hop's schedule,
you can always come back here and click on the hop's
button in my sidebar and you'll be taken directly to the
full schedule so you can catch every single spot on the hop.
Warm hearted wishes and happy cheers!

P.S.  And don't forget ... need a reason for wickedness?
The Wicked Blog Hop begins October 22nd!



  1. Love that Liberty fabric...your quilt is awesome! Looking forward to more hopping this week!

  2. I simply and thouroughly LOVE the Hello Kitty fabric! The quilt may be plain to you but it is Excellent! Can hardly wait to see the finished scalloped edges! You do such nice work I feel sure the client will be thrilled!