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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leafs Me Happy!

Welcome to October ... and what a way to start!

Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop

Hosted by Cherry of
(where you can find the complete hop schedule)
First, to all of you sending me
get well wishes ... I sincerely thank you!
I'm still trying to shake the bug that has
taken me out, as I hear so many others
are fighting too, but I think I finally think
I'm seeing the end of it ... yay!
Enough so that I can return to my day
job as I gotta go to work to pay the bills.
To those who know me best, this
may tell you most ... this week,
as I missed so many days of work
due to illness ... I found I didn't
even turn on my computer at home.
Glad to be back!
and to be back with so much fun
to look forward to this week ...
Without Further Adieu
I share with you today my
Leafs in a Wreath block:
The pattern comes from Nancy Halvorsen's 
Acorn Hollow book for Art to Heart.
I used batiks from my stash and am in
the process of turning this block into
a table topper ... just couldn't get
it done in time for pictures for posting.
Hopefully, I can share later this week.
I know, I know ... just one block???
Yep ... and one block I am lucky
to have after the week I had!
However, not to be disappointed, 
I share with you the rest of today's
marvelous artists for inspiration
in this beautiful time of year we
are experiencing (or wish we were!)

Monday 1
Why-Knot-Kwilt (you are here...)
Thank you Cherry for your cheerleading skills!
Each day until the 10th, there will be more
Fall inspriation to enjoy ...
 ... join me?
Happy Hopping and thank you for your visit!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Picture Story ....

I'll let the pictures tell the story ...
I will return as quickly as possible!
Long distance hugs to each of you!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

WICKED Blog Hop Schedule

#1 Everyone must turn off their word verification the day
they are showing their Wicked Project- PERIOD.
#2 You must have your post ready at midnight E.S.T.
If you are not sure how to do that, we will guide you.
#3 MOST important, YOU must add the names and links
from those who are on the hop the same day as you.
We want everyone to find your wicked friends
as easily as they found you- PERIOD.
#4 All Subscribed Wicked hoppers must put
WICKED button on their blog.
(on the top right)
copy code in gadgets html copy- that is it

(those who have no blogs, of course, you are omitted lol)

#1- any block, 10.5 or 12.5 unfinished..
#2- You can have a tutorial or giveaway
both are optional
#3- SWEAR to have a Wicked Time..~
That is it~
This blog hop happens
 Oct 22nd -31st
No weekends...
Monday, October 22nd
Tuesday, October 23rd
Wednesday, October 24th
Thursday, October 25th
 Friday, October 26th
 Monday, October 29th
Tuesday, October 30th
Wednesday, October 31st
Please reply to this post letting me know
whether or not your link works correctly.
If I've accidentally overlooked someone
that signed up and should be on this list,
please, BY ALL MEANS, let me know
and I'll get you on the schedule.
Thank you!!

Okay... I think that about covers the necessary
Details for now ... so I will leave you with this
teeny bit of wickedness I found today:
Would you guess that I am SO looking forward to
this Wicked Blog Hop and cannot wait to see
what each of you have in store for us to
Admire and be inspired by …
Until next time,
Wicked Wishes ...


Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Dots!! I see spots ...

Good morning my online family!!
Today is our last day of the Dots On Dots
Blog Hop ... beauty galore and never a chore!
Thank yous to each and every one of you
who have taken the time to leave lovely words
of admiration and enthusiasm ... cheers!
My thanks go to each blogger who so bravely
put their work on display to be admired ...
you did marvelous!!
Fortunately, since this is the last day, we
still have one last group to visit and be
inspired by.  Please come along and visit
with me the following line up of artisians:
September 21st
Bejeweled Quilts by Barb
Bless each of you and
Happy Hopping!