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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Honestly!  Who knew a stack of bowls could be so gorgeous???

Each blogger I have visited so far has put such
a personal spin on their stack of bowls,
that I'm getting tempted to have to put
this pattern on my want to do list ...
wouldn't you agree??

I thought last week when I posted, I would be caught up,
but goodness, with 165 participants, I wasn't aware that Ms. Carol
filled the weekend with delightful bowls, too ...
So, just in case you were like me and might have missed a
stop or two,  I'm posting Saturday and Sunday blog hop schedule's
along with Monday's also ... so much beauty ... can't miss a stop!

Though you do know, Ms. Carol has the complete schedule on her blog
and you can get there by clicking on the Bowls With Borders button
on the right-hand side of my blog .... but without further adieu,
here is the schedule I promised:

August 18th
Monika G.
Scher (no post)Dorothea
So, please, join me in visiting the true splendor created
for us by these talented artists and be in awe as I am
that a stack of bowls can be such a work of art!!
Thank you and warm wishes  ~


  1. Even for very busy ladies, this has been a 'fun' hop!
    Bowls me over!!