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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cheers for Carol

Sew we quilt

The lovely Miss Carol of Just Let Me Quilt is hosting a new blog hop which should prove to be wonderful and oh so fun! This hop idea originates from Madame Samm who purchased the original pattern from Regina Grewe of Textile Landscapes.

While I have chosen to cheer from the sidelines during this hop, cheering I will be as I am certain there be beauty to be found along the way.  So, please come along and be inspired with me beginning Monday, August 13th.

I best be getting back to monitoring the girls in the pool and let the life gaurds take a break but I will be back again with more soon.

Thank you and best wishes!!


  1. Thank you for piloting me over to Miss Carol's for the new 'blog-hop'. They are always so fun and informative! See you there!

  2. You are just so sweet--thanks for cheering me (and the others) on during this hop. Love it!:O)

  3. Hi Wendy, I will be cheering along with you as usual I imagine we will see sine fabulous bowls and I will learn some because I am just not to interested in paper piecing but maybe this hop will get me interested.