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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Twirled Into A Twister & More

Hey!!  Nice to see you all again!!

So, for those of you who read my last post, you all remember
I was just in a twirl of whirling to-do items that I couldn't settle on.  Well, I twirled right into a twister ...
A  Lil' Twister to be exact. 
Here's  how it happened:

Sewed together some charm squares and added border;

Utilizing the Lil' Twister ruler, I cut around the ruler
and removed excess, being very careful to leave
the blocks as they were cut out from the whole
.... not moving them from original layout;

This is the "throw away"
(I couldn't resist taking the photo)

Going back to the cut out squares, I rotated the squares
to form the matching points of the twisted pinwheel.

And ....

My finished product.
Never having used this technique before,
I wasn't too pleased with the gradation between
the pinwheels so felt the middle of the little
quiltlet needed some pizzazz.

So, I drew some daisies,
sticking with the red & white theme ...
daisies are so friendly ... I may have
to embroider little smiley faces in
each flower ...
okay ... too "cutesie" I know ...
 so I won't but it was a fun idea!!

So, this little quiltie is now going
to be packaged and sent on its
way to the wonderful lady who
I happen to know favors red and white.
Sincerely hope she likes it and
will always remember me when looking
at the "friendly" daisies!

oh ... oh ... guess what!!????!!! 
You may have noticed
my new button over on the right???

I was fortunate enough to get in on the "Think Christmas"
blog hop that Miss Lesley is hosting over
at The Cuddle Quilter!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Before I go, I want to share with you a
super idea I found when visiting Miss Carol's blog,
Just Let Me Quilt .... I think it's a great
new trend ... a follower's giveaway.

After the hop, when so very many people
hop through and visit ... isn't it nice to reward
the followers of your blog that have followed
you before the hop .... and after the hop?
I have met so many very amazing people
through this blog and I just want to tell you,
I appreciate you!
Well, I thought that was such a wonderful
idea that I am going to have to copy Miss Carol's
new trend ... you'll never know when {{wink}}
so it will be a giveaway for my followers.

Thank you all and now I'm off to
"Think Christmas" and get some
Christmas sewing done ...
My hop date is August 5th ...
so please come back to visit!


  1. Wendy, I love your little twisted quilty! I really liked the monotone of the reds, but what a surprise to scroll down and see the daisies! What a wonderful impact they have for the twisted background. (I'm glad you didn't add smiley faces). Well done!

  2. What an adorable 'lil twister' quilt Wendy!! I love how you added those sweet daisies...I'm sure the lucky lady you sent it to will love it as well!!!

  3. Omg Wendy, this is over the top lovely, authentic, and just screams "please be mine?" Boy oh oby this is something we all would love to remember a special someone...I adore everything about it.....I just got one of those lil twister....you will have to show us how to make this one or do up a pattern very soon....

  4. Hi Wendy I bought one of those lil twister rulers too but haven't used it yet. After seeing your adorable quilt I am anxious to start. How big was the finished quilt? I just loved the daisies that just gave it a lovely finish. Lucky lady that is receiving it.

  5. Very sweet little twister with a twist Wendy! :-)

  6. I almost bought one of those twisters myself when I was in NJ in April, but I put it back. Why oh why. This turned out great. I'm sure its new owner will love it.

    And I do believe that we are on the Think Christmas hop on the same day. What a terrific day that will be.

  7. Love your lil twister daisy quilt. Maybe some little French knots in the center of each daisy would be nice. I have made one little twister quilt and it's almost becomes an addition, I am trying to figure out which pattern I want to make next. I am thinking I need to make Connie's - Quilting by the River's "Worldly lil Twister", found here: http://conniekresin.blogspot.com/2011/10/worldly-lil-twister-quilt-and-giiveaway.html, it's so beautiful.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Love your twister and the applique on the front. Super clever!!

  9. Love your little quilt...especially with those adorable daisies! It is so great that you are joining us for Think Christmas...can't wait to see your blocks!

  10. Wendy I love your Lil Twister quilt - I would never have thought of adding the daisies but they're perfect! I have a Twister cut out and even have it with me but haven't had time to put it together. I think I have too many interruptions here to concentrate on it. Hope you have a particularly wonderful week. :) blessings, marlene

  11. I love your twisted daisies! I have a lil twister and I have yet to use it. I cannot wait to see what you have for the Christmas Blog Hop.

  12. Looks beautiful! All the different fabrics make a perfect backdrop for your applique! I might borrow your idea and you can borrow my pillow band, love the Lil' Twister blocks!

  13. Love your twister quilt and the addition of the daisies is perfect!
    I've never tried a twister so I'll have to find myself one of these rulers!

  14. Such a pretty little quilt. Love how you put the flower on it. So nice.
    I have not made one of those yet!
    I need to finish my Think Christmas block.

  15. The appliqué makes it perfect! Nicely done. =)

  16. I love the red and white! And the daisies are just perfect. I got a Lil' twister and I made one just to see how it worked. Then I made another, and another. Then I made the big one. That wasn't enough so I got ther small and tiny ones from Primitive Gatherings and made those too. Might have to find time to do another.

  17. Wendy, That is just darling! I love red and white and the flowers add just the right touch. I soooo need to try the Lil' Twister.

  18. I am sure madame Samm will love it. Her comment already says she will!

  19. I think that daisies put it over the top cute!! As always, nice job.

  20. So cute!! What a pretty little quiltie! The reds are exceptional!! Great job!!