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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm Sunk!!

I'm Sunk!  It's only the first day of the
Red, White & Blue Blog Hop and I'm sunk!

After viewing this morning's blog hop hostesses, I could not rest until I went out and found my very own copy of Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 5
 (Lucky for me, my first stop at Joann's Fabric had it and 10% off!)

Why?  Of course you have to ask that ... well ... go visit Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter ...   did you visit? did ya???  Oh My Gosh!  Her paper pieced block, Pinwheel Salute, designed by Robin Koehler did me in.  SERIOUSLY! LOL  Yep, gonna have to make it now.  Wouldn't it be fun in multi-colors too?  Can you picture summer time whirly-gigs in bright, happy colors? Yeah, I got issues, but at least I admit it :) First step to recovery, I'm told ..... hahahahaha

On an another note, I did accomplish something productive this week ...

This quilt is called Alpha Buddies from a 2009 edition of Fons & Porter's Kids Quilts magazine.  When I saw this pattern in the magazine, I adored the line of material and the easy looking pattern and of course had to hunt up the material until I found it all.  Oh, and the material line was an Andover Fabric by Nancy Davis-Murty called AlphaBuddies.

Well, I found it all, and ... oops ... three years later it was still sitting in the pile of "want to makes" and I decided the time was now.  Still think its adorable, it was simplicity itself to make ... yes, I still have to quilt and bind it, but that should be easy once I decide what to do with it.
After three years, everyone I had thought of making it for no longer needs it ...
Obviously, no rush to finish it ...
Heck no ...
I've got more Red, White & Blue blocks to go make!

If you haven't already, go visit these fine quilters:

Today is only the first of the Red, White & Blue blog hop,
trust me, you'll be glad you did ...
I know I am!

Until next time,

warm hearted wishes!


  1. I want the magazine too!!! I have a feeling I am going to want to make a lot of blocks.
    The quilt is darling! So bright and fun.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I need to pick up a copy too!


  3. Oh Wendy...aren't you the sweetie to visit my blog and like what you saw! Yay me for having quilt bloggers like you who are so passionate about this quilting world of ours. Gotta love it! Your quilt is astonishing and stunning! What a treasure it will be! Now, get back to your studio and start sewing red, white, and blue!

  4. Oh my gosh girl!! Do you ever have a 'good eye'! Those blocks are totally wonderful! I am so pleased for you that you found the magazine! Lucky you!!
    I do love your fun quilt....it is great! Nice job, hope you show it off again after it is quilted. You do such beautiful work!

  5. I can't wait to see what you conjure up with all the blocks in that magazine. I'm sure it will be terrific, just like the quilt. There has to be someone in your life that would love to snuggle under it.