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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where in the world??

 No, I did not fall off the face of the earth ... 
Though, I am ...
I'm sure you all know the feeling.

In the month since my last post ...

I've moved ... again ...

 Nicer duplex, extra room, plus an additional bathroom ...
BONUS for us three girls!! 
Same neighborhood, so even nicer :)

I have managed to stay up with my rounds for

though I can't share {{heehee}}....

I finished my block for Jane's Red/White/Blue Blog Hop
which begins July 1st ...

And, yes, you have to wait until July 7th to see
my finished block  when it'll be my stop on the hop ...
get all the details at Jane's Fabrics and Quilts
because this is a super hop you will not want to miss!

I can show you the very fun mini-quilt I made
for Kris's swap over at Dandelion Quilts,

Believe it or not, I started and finished this
in time to mail it before the end of the month!!


Oh yeah, and I started and finished this commissioned quilt:

The indoor picture is not at all good quality, but as it was raining
bucket loads outside, so I had to take the best shot I could
inside just to get the scope of the size ... large queen.

Next in the works is a quilt using Natalie Lymer's Woodland fabric and Carrie Nelson's Another Bite of Schnibbles book ... can't wait to show you that project .... adorable!

 And ... let's see ... Abbie had her school music concert,
her classroom play and her last T-Ball game this last week or so ... 
Emily and I constructed her chimpanzee diorama this weekend:

The last day of school for both girls is on Wednesday at which time









no, seriously, five days to be exact

Five days off of my 9-4 weekday scheduled job to see if I can get a bit of work done around the house and spend some precious time with my girls.

Maybe during my vacation time, I'll actually find time to visit my dear friends and neighbors in the blogihood and catch up with some very precious and dear friends ...
you all know who YOU are and I love and appreciate you dearly!!

Love and hugs ... I think I've earned turning in early tonight :)

Blessings to you and as always, very warm hearted wishes!


  1. Hey there, been thinking about you! Shoot me a message when you get a chance, in the meantime love to see what you've been busy with!

    Nancy M.

  2. Some nice finishes and congrats on the move. I'm sure it wasn't easy or fun but it sounds like it was so worth it.

    Glad you are keeping up with the Mini Round Robin. I can't wait to work on yours. And the RW&B hop...I need to get my block done too but I have so many ideas to choose from.

  3. No wonder I have not heard from you. I can't believe you have accomplished so much. Do you ever sleep?

  4. It's hard for me to keep up with me...no way could I keep up with two little ones any more. :) I'm so glad you moved to a nicer place, even though I thought your first one was fine. A second bathroom can make a huge difference in my degree of grumpiness. Here at the mission Jerry and I share a bathroom and I find it quite humbling. And how nice that you're getting some time off. When I was working that was such a treat. blessings, marlene

  5. What a pretty quilt! The new place sounds nice!

  6. I can so completely relate to the "tired from moving thing" ..... A few more trips and them we are ready to settle in for the 'long-haul'.. You are so creative! Love your work on the quilt. Lucky lady who 'signs' her name for that one! LOL!! Hope your time with your beautiful daughters is fun and relaxing for all three of you. You have earned it!!

  7. Hi wendy, can you spell busy i can....it looks like you. Wow love the quilt, lovely colors. Some time off with the girls sounds like the perfect compliment to busyness....lol

  8. I love Carrie's appligue block today!