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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smiles Aplenty

Among some of the fun things I want to share with my friends in the blogihood is first a huge, huge sigh of relief for myself and those of my Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin group ... for a short time the mystery was where was my block????

Oh My Goodness, after two days of searching (a.k.a. tearing apart every inch of my newly-moved into duplex), I felt the need to fess up to my group and let everyone know I lost my June block. 

I stressed and agonized over this for so long, even my daughters gave me wide-berth.  However, I womaned-up and emailed my group, hanging my head in shame as I wrote them...  Very gracious they all were, telling me to give it a bit more time before we decided how to proceed.  More time???  Heck, I had just searched for two and a half days ... more time???  I couldn't handle it.

Yes ... I can write about this because sure enough, I no sooner confessed than went back to my sewing area and rifled throught a box I had pawed through a half-dozen times and this time picked up a real pretty card I hadn't picked up previously.  I'll be danged ...that silly block was inside that card.  Can we all say ... WHEW!!

I can't tell you how many things I've been "looking" for since moving again...
but I think I've finally gotten a handle on things ...
for the time being.

So ... when I wasn't obsessing about finding my block ...
I took the girls to our locale park, where the wonderful
wooden carousel is ...

 Played at the adjacent playground:

Visited UM's mascot Monte: 

Had faces painted:

Became bubbles:

Made rockets:

And in general, just had a wonderful evening, running and playing:

Today, at our local Lowes, we joined the Build & Grow project and
the girls became little builders:
Warning: girls with hammers!! 

The girls loved the bitty hammers and were able to come home
with wooden airplanes, aprons, goggles and certificates
proving they built the planes themselves ...
(Thank you Janu!!)

To finish the evening tonight, I discovered a super cool trick
while making my peanut butter cookies:
who knew that spraying cooking spray into your measuring cup
before putting your peanut butter in the cup made it
come out so much easier????
Goodness ... why did it take me until I was 44 years old
before I discovered this trick??

I think I'll close this post now, and get back to
working on my in-progress quilt project
which I hope to show you soon ...

but until next time,
I leave you with this cute picture
I found online while searching the internet tonight ...

Come on ... how can you  not smile at this???
I send you each a virtual hug and a big
thank you for your support!!

Warm hearted wishes ~ 


  1. Good gracious! What a panic I would be in if I lost someone else's hard work...not to mention 3 someone else's hard work! I can just imagine your relief to find it. And quite a fitting celebration afterwards with the girls. How fun for all of you.

  2. Oh my goodness I never thought of that trick with the peanut butter either! And since my husband LOVES peanut butter I should have known it before now. :) So glad you found the block I couldn't help but smile at the girls with their hammers. blessings, marlene

  3. Looks like it was a busy, happy time! Lots of memories made!

  4. I just love the pictures of the girls, playing and hammering.
    I am so glad that you found the missing block. It seems like I spend a lot of time looking for lost things lately.
    Happy stitching

  5. Girls look like they had some fun! Love that face paint!

  6. So pleased that all worked out for you in finding the 'lost-block'! What a relief for you!! Busy, busy lady... Looks like you and those wonderful little girls of yours had a wonderful day of light-hearted fun! You all have earned it!
    Happy quilting!!

  7. i am going to have to spray my measuring cup when i do crisco maybe it will help

  8. Of course I am the 2nd person, behind you, that was overjoyed when you found that block. Glad that you and the girls had a great evening.

  9. Ok, I was never worried, I knew you would find it lol. SEE how things work out..they always do...and look at the rewards you all blessed yourself with...my goodness, spraying measuring cup..knew that forever...should have told you had I known you were baking cookies lol. spray your knifes too when you are scooping out the end of a jam jar works too...you all look happy dear..that is nice to see..love the face painting..

  10. Looks like a busy few days. Great PB tip, thanks! Beautiful blue butterfly - wow!