“In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. . . . And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.” Romans 12:6-8

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This pretty little petunia just asked for her picture to be taken ...
had to oblige and include it in tonight's post ... Isn't she sweet??

Would you believe July is just around the corner???  Holy buckets!  Today marks the longest day of the year as the first day of summer and as my dad would say every year ... enjoy your day as tomorrow will be shorter ... gee thanks dad! :) 

not my picture,  dang it all ... found on internet

Its a funny joke now that I'm not at home any more, but it does make one stop and wonder ... are you filling your hours of the day with what you want to?  I hope so.  I got to fill my off work hours with quilting the past few days, and I admit, I really enjoyed it, especially since the sun didn't come back out of hiding until today.  It's been cold here in Montana, rainy, and icky outside. ... sunshine and warmer temps promised for the rest of the week.  Bonus that I finished this quilt tonight:

This past weekend, a friend asked if I'd make her a quilt for a baby gift.
Silly me I said sure, then she said she needed it by Thursday.

I started surfing the free patterns online and found this pattern called "Toddler Quilt" by Patty Wright who has a blog called Patty Trends ... 
Patty, I thank you!!  Your directions were very clear and simple.
The pattern actually calls for a couple of charm packs, however, digging in my stash I found and used a layer cake, this one by Sandy Gervais, though for the life of me I can't find the name of the line ... its the one with lollipops, letters and bananas ... fitting for a baby quilt, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, I was so excited to finish it, I just had to take pictures in the fading light tonight and share, so thank you for indulging me and visiting ...

I appreciate you and hope to share again real soon.

By the way, getting back to the nearly July issue ... do you all remember that we have a Red White & Blue blog hop happening starting July 1st?
My hop day is July 7th ... I am prepared!
Get all the details by clicking on Jane's button over in my side bar,
or you can just follow this link:

Seriously awesome quilters on this hop and I'm thrilled to be included.

So ya'all com back again, please :)



  1. Holy buckets, Wendy! A baby quilt start to finish in less than a week! What an amazing friend you are. And that is no dinky quilt either. It totally looks lovely!

  2. The baby quilt turned out great - you are good under pressure. Still waiting for summer here, too.

  3. What a sweet little quilt Wendy - just darling. And thanks for reminding me about the blog hop - I've got to get going! blessings, marlene

  4. I'm the crazy friend that needed the quilt in one week, planning was never my strong suit...but we love it so much and are very blessed to have someone so creative and talented in our group! Thanks a million Wendy, Tiffany is going to LOVE it!

    1. Hey Friend!! I'm more than grateful for friends like you as I so enjoyed the quick burst of creativity allowed by having a reason to do so ... you ladies rock! Thanks for including me :)

  5. Really cute baby quilt. Nice job.

    As for the R,W & B hop, I'm jealous. No way am I ready yet but I still have this week. When the kids are at camp, I'm going to get to work.