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Monday, April 16, 2012

Did Ya Hear there's a Hop Happening???

Did ya hear?

My baby girl turns six this week and we celebrated
on Sunday with a couple of her friends ...
This is how I spent the weekend prepping:

 Made a double layer chocolate cake with white frosting ...
added decorations bought from the bakery.

Since they spent the weekend with their dad,
neither had any idea I was up to this :)
The look on Abbie's face made staying up til midnight worth it all!

Then, before the friends arrived this morning, the girls and I
blew up all of these balloons just for added celebrational fun.

Had to take a picture of the kiddos playing outside during the party,
as this piece of equipment is what I spent the past two weekends
putting together ... with my own two hands :) :) ...
and therefore have absolutely nothing to share for sewing...

And ... yes ... at the end of the day ...
I'd do it all over again!

Did ya hear? Did ya hear???
 Yep .... there's a blog hop happening ...

You can't help but be inspired by this group of
awesome quilters!  Please check them out each day ...
I know I will ... I just can't wait to see what they've
each created for our hop ...

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule
Monday April 16th
Tuesday April 17th
Wednesday April 18th
Thursday April 19th
Friday April 20th
Monday April 23rd
Patty D 
** Wendy **
Tuesday April 24th
Wednesday April 25th

Thank you so much for stopping in ... Please come back, I will be posting my
table topper on the 23rd ... I'm pretty darned happy with my
topper too ... It means a lot to me, what I've created, so want share :)

Happy Hopping and Happy Birthday to my girl Abigail!

warm hearted wishes  ~~


  1. Good Morning! It looks as if the birthday party was a hit! What fun you must have had putting that surprise together! Happy Birthday to the sweet little one!
    Can hardly wait to see your addition to the 'Topper Hop'. It is so much fun watching what you ladies each come up with. I will be here watching each and every addition. Have a wonderful day. (I love the new swing-set you assembled)...wow..Thumbs up!!

  2. Heyyyyy Abbie...happy birthday sweetie...oh my it looks like your MUMM did an amazing job in surprising you...you both look ( sis) happy....what a delight that summer is here and you have a swing ...love to swing with you ..x

  3. What a fantastic surprise! I'm sure she loved it.

  4. Oh Happy Birthday Sweetie!! What a fun Mommy you have! and I could never put together a swing set. Your Mom is awesome!!
    PS I bet your cake was yummy!

  5. What a great birthday surprise and treat - and what a great Mom to have done it for her sweet little one. blessings, marlene

  6. gentle reminder you are on Monday...please post your time midnight ...till then..x

  7. Hello there 'Busy Lady'!
    It will be fun to see your 'Topper Blog-Hop' project. I know you love doing these projects and being a part of all of our lives. You are among friends that share our love, talent, and lives! Keep smiling!!