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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Please let me skip formalities for a moment and
apologize to everyone for not staying in touch ...
I adore everyone that takes the time to stop in
and check in on me, and even more so, those
that leave comments to let me know you care ...
I promise from my heart to yours to better !
I'm catching up with the life that spun
a bit out of control ...

Thank you to every one of you for your

Now ... let's get hoppin' !!

My day to jump into the hop line is here!
My thanks are sent first to the fabulous ladies
that are participating in this awesome hop ....
what inspiration!
My thanks are also sent out to each and
every one of you who are taking the time
to visit each of these amazing works of art
and also for visiting mine :) :)
When Madame Samm first mentioned
this hop ... to me it was with an idea of putting
something of myself into this topper that would
tell others about myself ... what I think is
pretty darn cool ...
Well ... for those of you who visit often,
my girls are an obvious choice ... but
I had to get in the flowers, outdoors, sunshine
and a sense of child-like joy all in one
topper ...
I even snuck in my "bluebird of happiness"
if you look close enough ;)
I used silver thread for the jump ropes, just for a little bling :)
So how'd I do?
I would sincerely appreciate you taking the time
to let me know your thoughts and I promise I will
do much better now in keeping in touch and
responding to you kind-hearted souls willing to
drop me a line.
I truly appreciate every one of you ...
You make my heart smile!
Please also be sure to visit these other
stops on the hop today ...
Monday April 23rd
Patty D
** Wendy **

Tuesday April 24th

Wednesday April 25th

You can't help but be inspired by this group of
awesome quilters!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Did Ya Hear there's a Hop Happening???

Did ya hear?

My baby girl turns six this week and we celebrated
on Sunday with a couple of her friends ...
This is how I spent the weekend prepping:

 Made a double layer chocolate cake with white frosting ...
added decorations bought from the bakery.

Since they spent the weekend with their dad,
neither had any idea I was up to this :)
The look on Abbie's face made staying up til midnight worth it all!

Then, before the friends arrived this morning, the girls and I
blew up all of these balloons just for added celebrational fun.

Had to take a picture of the kiddos playing outside during the party,
as this piece of equipment is what I spent the past two weekends
putting together ... with my own two hands :) :) ...
and therefore have absolutely nothing to share for sewing...

And ... yes ... at the end of the day ...
I'd do it all over again!

Did ya hear? Did ya hear???
 Yep .... there's a blog hop happening ...

You can't help but be inspired by this group of
awesome quilters!  Please check them out each day ...
I know I will ... I just can't wait to see what they've
each created for our hop ...

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule
Monday April 16th
Tuesday April 17th
Wednesday April 18th
Thursday April 19th
Friday April 20th
Monday April 23rd
Patty D 
** Wendy **
Tuesday April 24th
Wednesday April 25th

Thank you so much for stopping in ... Please come back, I will be posting my
table topper on the 23rd ... I'm pretty darned happy with my
topper too ... It means a lot to me, what I've created, so want share :)

Happy Hopping and Happy Birthday to my girl Abigail!

warm hearted wishes  ~~