Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.(Philippians 4:8)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Isn't this Tweet???

Happy Middle of January!!

Jeez, it seems as if it was just yesterday that
I posted my new years good wishes to you ...
I hope you are all doing marvelous :)


Okay, as far as post titles go, that might be
 a little on the lame side, but I had to go with it once
 it got stuck in my head this morning ....

You see, this morning I made this:

Yes, a new cover for my Kindle Reader ...
Some of you may recognize the birds as leftover material
from a dress I made for my oldest this past year ...
I thought it was "tweet" and found the strips in my
stash that worked perfectly for the binding....
yes, bias binding so the strips were on an angle ...
I quilted straight lines just so as not to detract
from the cute birdies.  Fun :)

Next, you may have noticed an icon over on the rightside of my
blog that I joined Dandelion Quilts Accessory Bag Swap??
Oh, well, I did ... Kris hosts the coolest swaps, so
of course, I just had to throw my "bag" in ...

I made this one yesterday.  I think it's kinda pretty.
And, of course, since I still have a bit more time before
the deadline, I've got a few more things in mind for
which I may "accessorize" this bag with.

I've really enjoyed the satisfaction of finishing these
 quick and simple projects and look forward to starting a
few more things in the days to come,
but the alarm clock jingles early in the morning for me,
and though these two adorable creatures: 
have no school tomorrow, I have to convince the eldest
night owthat yes, Mom does need to get to bed and
that means she has to go to bed first...
"REALLY?" she queries!! 
Yes, dear ... night-night.

I wish you all a very good morning, noon and night....
Thank you for coming by to visit me and
I hope to see you again real soon!!

Happy hugs and very warm hearted wishes to each of you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Goodness, me! 
I cannot believe I let a whole month go by without a post ....
and what a month it was!
Well, I found my computer, dusted off the cobwebs,
determined the keyboard still works,
and I'm dropping by to say I'm still here ...
 pretty much anyway!

Happiest New Year Wishes!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to see the end of 2011!! 
While what has kept me away isn't quite finished,
I do see a glimmer of hope that the end of the tunnel is near
and what remains of me may one day be whole again
.... if not stronger and better. Praise be!!

I can report I am still dearly attached to quilting,
though I've more often than not been making
 smaller projects lately instead of full size quilts....
take a look:

Commissioned bag ... client chose fabrics

Table runner for Gift Exchange at Work

Better picture of fussy-cut centers

mug mats for daughters' teachers' Christmas gifts

Table topper for my boss and his wife for Christmas

Table topper for my friend and day-care provider,

Computer bag for myself ... not quite as pleased with color combination ...
so may have to end up turning inside out ... or maybe a large applique :).

Gift for my co-worker ... colors and design
just had her name all over them :)

Okay, so the pictures aren't the best, but heck, I'm just lucky I got them taken before I had to gift wrap most of these for Christmas gifts.  ... I really missed time to sit down at my machine, it felt good putting stitches in fabric again.  Better make sure I don't wait too long before it happens again.

My job is going well and my daughters amaze me every day,
and though I didn't say always in a good way ...
 they amaze me by teaching me how much patience I've learned to have.

I hope to have more to share with you again soon. 
To all of you who have emailed to check on me,
bless your heart and thank you so very much for letting me know you care...
the long distance hugs are so very appreciated!

Blessings to you! 
and, until next time,

Happy hugs and warm hearted wishes~~