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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pack Sand???

Can you imagine having to pack sand and mail it?

I can't either ... so these little dears
will have to be mailed empty:

Doesn't this picture look as if the flower
 is seeking the sun's warmth????

Have to admit ... the first thing that came to mind when I was told "yellow, black and white" was a bumble bee ... lol ... how do I make a doorstop bumblebee?? 

Well, I make the next best thing, a flower
that a bumble bee would want to visit.

How'd I do?

For this next one, I was told "Civil War fabrics" ....
think, think, think ....

You can't tell me this ol' thing doesn't look run down ... LOL

I thought of an ol' run down shack that
has made it through some pretty tough times.
Therefore, here's my Civil War shack doorstop ...

I certainly hope my dear friends like them.
I've stitched love in every inch.

Yes, these are my own designs,
straight from my bitty brain ...
each is an original and probabably
can't be exactly duplicated ...
Please ask if interested and I'll try
real hard to put together
pattern & instructions ... I just haven't
had time yet to make that tutorial.

Yet.  :)

Now, off to bake some cookies with the girls
and do the week's laundry ... before the day is done
and the new week brings it new adventures ...

and of course, sweep up the sand
 that now isn't being packed.

Happy Hugs and Warm Hearted Wishes!!


  1. Love your doorstops, me dear! That yellow, black and white one is adorable, for sure. LOL It really does look like the flower is seeking the sunshine! I know your friends will feel sunshiny when they receive them - they are so cute that you will have to show us how (one day) you make them! Happy Sunday hugs to you....have a restful day!

  2. How fun your designs are! What fun the door-stops will be. Wish I were there to enjoy the smell of fresh baked cookies with you! Hope are able to enjoy a relaxing day with your sweet girls!

  3. I love it! Love, love, love it! Perfect colors, perfect design. Yea, you rock. :) blessings, marlene

  4. these are so cute! I have a little stuffed house pattern, makes me want to try it out, I still have to make more owls :-) thanks for the inspiration

  5. I'm not surprised you have orders for your door stops. The ghastlie one was a fabulous creation! And these two are so fun. Love your creative mind!

  6. Busy as a bee I know someone like that. Both are absolutely adorable.....u know I love the flower yes I do.. the civil war one is striking. Bet she will love it too....now bck to my new block making another to match my blog.

  7. They are wonderful Wendy! Just so cute!

  8. Your door stops are divine. I love your creative mind with both of these. So cute!

  9. How cute are they!! Love the flower, I can smell it all the way over here! and the civil war is another beauty. Hmmm, yes sending sand could be quite expensive! I am sure who ever receives them will be happy to fill them. Super fun idea from that brain of yours!

  10. It is refreshing to know that doorstops can be so clever and artistic!

  11. I'm in love with the yellow flower. So cute!
    Gmama Jane

  12. These doorstops are looking great. I loved the one you made with the ghastlies and now it is great to see your variations. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  13. Oh Wendy these are so cute. Inspirational.


  14. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)