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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am here ...

I am here ... I am Here ... I AM HERE !!!

Thank you everyone for staying with my blog and checking in to see how I'm doing ...

Blessings to each and every one of you!

This is what I've been up to ...

Oh wait, I mean besides
my day job and every day life
with my daughters,
that is ...

Two more stars for Johna'lee of The Scrappy Appleyard and her Soldiers' Quilts.

A "fall-colored" commissioned Margo bag...
(notice the snow in the background!!!)
Seriously ... FALL???

Bag for moi as those I use for myself keep getting purchased.
Yes, another Margo bag.

This is a quilt I'm making for my dad ...
He turns 70 on Thursday ...
Thanksgiving Day
I'm ever so grateful and thankful to have
him another year!

I was going to attempt to take a picture of this quilt outside today ...
This is what happened:

The wind wouldn't stop blowing it and with the snow ...
just couldn't swing a nice enough picture.

So ... I'll get back to my "other" life and hope to finish
quilting this throw for my Dad's birthday this week.

Love and hugs to each of you and again,
thank you for stopping in!

P.S.  Don't forget to check in on the

I'm guest posting there on Monday, November 28th!!



  1. I am seeing snow on a few bloggers' posts - oh my!! Will look forward to your Block Party post.

  2. I love the bags! I've made margo too, and just love it. Great job! Your Dad is going to love his lap quilt. I hope I don't see any snow anytime soon~ other than photo's. LOL Have a happy week!!

  3. I'm sure your Dad will love the quilt Wendy. Mine sure did, when I made him one many years ago. He's been gone 6 years now but he slept under that quilt until the end. My eldest son has it now. So enjoy every stitch you put into it...and enjoy every minute spent with your dad.

    Your Margo bags are lovely. I've made a few and you're right...they get appropriated!

  4. cute things, I have THAT bag!? didn't know it was called margo.... anyways, mine has chocolates all over it, yum!

  5. Busy, busy! Great bags! Looking forward to the 28th- Hugs

  6. Heavens you have a lot going! It's good to be busy though. :) blessings, marlene

  7. Lovely Margo bags! You sure have a lot going on! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Oh Wendy...you have been so very busy haven't you girl? I think you did a beautiful job on your lovely 'Margo' bags! Great fabrics! I know your Dad will love the quilt you are making for him! The tools in the pattern are the best! I'll bet he's a 'hardware' kind of guy. What a treat to have a quilt sewn with love by your daughter. Wishing you a Happy 'Thanksgiving'