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Monday, October 3, 2011

What Can I Say?

A quick share ... last weekend, I took the girls to a Safe Kids event sponsored by the hospital I work at:
Butter"Fly" girls ... last weekend's adventure.
This was their most important booth to visit :)

Since my friend Vicki and I signed up for The
Buggy Barn's "Crazy" class in November,
she and I went on a road trip this past weekend...
The Buggy Barn in Reardon, Washington.
A place I've wanted to visit for a very long time,
especially since it's only a few hours from my home.

Our "official" greeter ...a real sweetie who loves apples.

This is a shot of my friend Vicki (dark hair, blue sweater)
and the inside of the "Barn" ... while I took more photos,
I actually forgot my camera so was using my iPod for pictures ...
better than nothing as this point, I thought,
though the pictures of the inside
didn't turn out good enough for me to share.

Vicki wanted a specific kit ...
Donna was gracious enough to
dig in the cabinet to find one :)
 ... they had a few to choose from.

I chose these beautiful Buggy Barn fabrics:

To make this quilt pattern: 
Crazy Goose Chase from Certifiably Crazy
by the Buggy Barn.
Wish me luck ... lots of it!

 Then, I just had to pick up this material as I had
seen it many times on the internet:
and now I have the perfect table runner
pattern in mind for this selection :)

Then, Sunday was my day with the girls, so took
a very nice Sunday drive to feed the ducks...

They had lots of fun,
and I had more fun watching them :)

I wish I could say my Sunday ended on the good note here ...
I wish!

My Bernina's foot control pedal finally gave up the ghost ...
Hours later and after a paniced phone call to my mom ...
I've found another foot control pedal and now
wait very unpatiently for it to arrive in the mail.

Oh, my wonderful Sunday didn't end there ...
my youngest, who has been complaining of a tummy ache
and sore throat since last Thursday, chose this evening to
start throwing up ... okay, so maybe she's not "playing"
sick to just avoid school...
major mommy-guilt trip here

So, I cancel my 8 am dentist appointment and
 email my boss of three months that I will be
staying home from work today ...
you all know how that guilt trip ...
girls' dad is out of town...

Granted, while most times I'd really, really
appreciate some down time at home, especially
as I haven't been feeling top o' the trees either ...
well, new job means no paid leave yet ... 

Well ... we can still laugh, right?

So, until next time, 
happy hugs and warm hearted wishes!! 


  1. Wendy I don't know why but the last two posts you've done I can't access from my Reader in GMail. :( I type the address in and it works fine; just not in Reader. Not sure whats going on! Anyway, girls are just dolls with their face paintings going on and I'm exceedingly jealous of your Buggy Barn trip and I've taken many a guilt trip over sick/not sick kids and....loved your post...can you tell? :) blessings, marlene

  2. Facial butterflies.. have never looked sew good..you all look like you were enjoying fall... and lovely choices Wendy for some new projects..oh yes...what will you be making.?
    and gesundheit x

  3. Oooh the Buggy Barn! You lucky girl!! :-))
    So sorry for the sick DD~ no mommy guilt now! It isn't allowed. ;-) I've awarded you the versatile blogger award~ stop by and check it out. http://crazyboutquilts.blogspot.com/ Have a good week!

  4. Sorry about your sick child.....had to say that first or I would forget for the excitement of that barn...oh my gosh...

    The girls are adorable.

  5. I'm hoping everyone is feeling better. What adorable girls and awesome finds at the 'Buggy Barn'. Have a great week with no more guilt trips!!

  6. Oh, I heart ya girlfriend! I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Your girls are such dolls - always love to see the fun things you do with them! And, I was uber happy to see you get away for some fun with a friend! Can't wait to see your pretty quilt! Hugs!!!

  7. Hi, Wendy! You went to the Buggy Barn??! On my list of to-dos, but it's a 15 hour drive from here... {jealous} Love those gals! Hope your daughter is doing better - and your foot arrives soon! ~Ms. D

  8. Hopeful hugs are on their way to you...hoping your little one is feeling better, and that your foot pedal arrives soon! Can't wait to see your tablerunner progress - me loves quick projects like runners and mugrugs! LOL

  9. I can only dream of going to Buggy Barn. It looks wonderful inside and is in a great setting. Love your fabric choices. Hope everything has sorted out during the week. Good luck!