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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Little Pumkins

Happy Halloween!!!
My girls and I have been busy .... notice the pumpkins above?
Yep, we did those :)

Now ... here are my darlin' little pumkins:

All dressed up and ready for trick or treatin' with their dad.

I took them to a little party last Wednesday: 
And for school treats for today's party,
I made my very first batch of popcorn balls!!
Will have to do these again ... Yum!

And just to try and stay busy ....
I made this wallet for a birthday that happens this week ...
Happy Birthday Dear Mother!
It'll be in the mail, soon, I swear!!

 And last week's birthday recipient received this little number:

 Now ... what shall we do next????

 Oh yeah ... there's a wee-little matter of visiting
a super-duper blog hop!!!
Have ya all be following the Ghastlie Blog Hop???  Isn't this group of Ghastlie Sistaahhs just amazingly talented???  Holy buckets but it's fun to see all of the projects made using the same materials.  My thanks go to Madame Ghastlie and all the Ghastlie Sistahs for sharing ... and just as a reminder ... this week's schedule is:

ON Monday October 31st
Day 6
Mrs Barb Ghastlie  * lost her power during snow storm
will keep you updated when it is back on...

 ON Tuesday November 1st
Day 7

 ON Wednesday November 2nd
Day 8

Mrs. Jane Ghastlie
Mrs. Laura Ghastlie  ( sadly she will not be available)
 ON Thursday November 3rd
Day 9

 ON Friday November 4th
Day 10
And remember ...
visit, leave complimentary comments
and you could possibly win prizes!!!!
And just so you know, to each and every one of you that was so kind as to leave me a comment on my blog hop post, I thank you OH SO VERY, VERY MUCH!! but was absolutely floored by the sheer blog love that I don't think I could possibly respond to each and every comment, but please know, I read and appreciated each one!!
As soon as I find a smidge more free time, I'll be back again, so please stay posted!!
Happy hugs and warm-hearted wishes! 


  1. The girls look so cute, love your pumpkins and bat lights, and remind me to leave a hint when my birthday is! ;D Hope you have a fun Hallow-weeny.

    Nancy M.

  2. It does look as if you girls have been having fun! But then how could you not enjoy the company of two such lovely little girls. I bet I know someome who feels the same about their Mommy..Happy Halloween! Hoping tomorrow brings you a better day!

  3. Those babies are growing so fast! Cute, cute, cute - and fun I know. Love the purse and the wallet but then you make the cutest things. Would you e-mail me please - I have a question. :) blessings, marlene

  4. You are dearly missed, Miss Wendy. I think of you often.

  5. Adorable girls! Glad they have such a wonderful and talented Mom!

  6. Your pumpkins look quite content to be with their mum...and look what you have been up to."..love the wallets an d with zip. Cook. I am writing on a small screen sew if I. Have errors forgive me.. I met cool not cook. No feature to highlight and go bckxxxx

  7. It looks like there has been fun at your house!
    I received your sweet Halloween card in the mail. You made my day girlie! I tried to find your email on your sidebar but couldn't...just wanted you to know how special and endearing you are my friend!

  8. I know one birthday recipient enjoyed one of those gifts, and most positive the other will enjoy hers as well!