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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's ALL Good ...

Doesn't this picture just say ... "crisp, clear Fall day"???
Yes, it was as beautiful as this picture represents.

Sunday, was my day with my girls so I took
them down to walk the annual
Scare Crow walk in the neighboring town ...

This was Emily's favorite: 
"Pass me the teeth"

And, of course, Abbie adored: 

They both enjoyed these creative creations: 

However, this was my personal favorite,
from the local vet:
How flippin' creative!!

On Saturday, when the girls were with their dad, I was blessed with some sewing time with my friend Vicki... this is what I got accomplished:

I do still need to get the borders on, which will be the green fabric I have the runner on, but dang! even if I do say so myself ... woohoo!!! This is my first attempt at this runner, but way cool :)  May have found a Christmas present project {{wink}}  Remember a previous post when I purchased this beautiful fabric??
Cool, huh??

AND...while I may seriously bemoan the fact that I don't get to visit my blogi-hood neighbors nearly as much as I want to, once in a while I visit someone I haven't been to see in a while.  On one such occassion this past week, I stopped in to see the beautiful quilting of Mary of Quilt Hollow.  It just so happened that on this visit, Mary was sharing the news of her friend Kimberly Einmo's new book ... Jelly Roll Quilt Magic. When I went to visit Kimberly's really cool blog, Kimberly Einmo, and I'll be darned, but she was having a giveaway of her new book. ...

And yes, I was so very fortunate as to have won a copy ... how cool is that!!!???!!!!

Seriously though, even without the win, her blog is so cool you just need to go visit her and follow along for all her wonderful tips, tricks and posts ... check her out, you won't be sorry!!

Remember the fabulous wraps from Madame Samm's post here ... Stitching Shawl ... another project I've wanted to start for quite some time ...
Well, since cold weather has shown its ugly face ... we're averaging highs in the 50's this week ... I've finally gotten started on my beautiful shawl!  Yay!!  I'll be stitching this side down, and once I finalize the other side ... I'm thinking blue-bird of happiness drunk on caffiene from a giant cuppa on the other side ... I'll photo it complete and share again.

So ... It's all good ... I'm not finding time for everything, but am fitting in bits of time for this and for that, all the while appreciating ALL that is good in my life. 

Thank YOU so much for being part of the good I so appreciate!

Until next time, happy hugs and warm hearted wishes ~


  1. Super table runner and congrats on your book win!

  2. Aw your girlies are so cute! :-) Love the table runner! and congrat's on your win! Have a great week!

  3. Wow, that's what you got done on a Saturday. I would have gotten the machine threaded...maybe... :)

    Nancy M.

  4. What fun.....that scarecrow walk! I've never seen one beforre~Love the table runner~

  5. Love the fall colors...that 1st photo is perfect..the girls pics with company are amazing too....love the jelly roll book..way cool never seen that one...and yes..your stitching shawl...I have mine on at this very moment..love what you did with yours x

  6. I've never heard of a scare crow walk but I love that idea! Wish we had one here - what fun. And your table topper is going to be wonderful - did you hand embroider or machine? I might want to try that one. :) blessings, marlene

  7. Love the scarecrow walk...down here in SC we have some corn mazes that are fun! So lovely to have a day with the girls and do fun stuff! Your tablerunner is wonderful; I really like the colors. I'm going to have to knit myself a sewing shawl...cold weather is on the way! Well, cold to me, anyway! LOL

  8. Wow, you are one busy gal!! We also had our Scarecrow Festival this weekend. They are such fun and by the smiles on the girls faces, I can see they had fun!!
    Love the table runner!! and I need to check out the blog you mentioned.

  9. Oh, I get so much joy out of seeing your girls out having such fun! Love those pictures! And, glad to see you stitching - and enjoying life! Love that table runner - too cute! Hugs!

  10. I love the idea of a scarecrow walk. It looks like great fun.
    I think your table runner is looking good and love the idea of the green on the borders.
    Congrats on the book win.

  11. So wonderful that you are able to share this awesome fall weather with your sweet girls...I was always told my girls would grow and leave home before I knew it...didn't believe it though. They did, sure wish we could have had a few more fun times together! Memories are forever, we each remember them differently. Love all of your projects! You are a very talented young lady!

  12. I love Fall and you're pictures are great. That table runner is really nice. Can't wait to see it with the border on.

  13. How fun to attend a scarecrow walk and thanks for taking us along! Great table runner!

  14. I love the scarecrow from the local vet the best, too. The "cone of shame" is what we always called that in our house! Too funny!

  15. i turned 70 on thanksgiving too love your squares barbara @ woodsbrbr@windstream.net