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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Would you believe ...

Would you believe I actually found and
got time to use my machine???

Proof positive! 

Front ...
Inside ...

Backside ....

Are you as impressed with the number of pockets as I am???


 Of course, my daughters believe my new purse,
 Serves better as a hat :)
 Until I asked them to model :)
 They got them some poses :)

This pose is Emily trying to learn to skate with
her brand, new birthday skates
While her younger sister scoots by
on her brand new scooter ...
Results may vary ... and of course ...

This one innocently declares she's innocent!

And so goes life as we all take our hard knocks in this that we call our new life experiences.

I'm now off to start Big Girl #1 a new dress for school ...

I hope to bring back progress and pictures soon.

See the happy smile a small bit sewing accomplishent can give the heart???

Okay, it might have a teensy bit to do with the mongo-huge amount of chocolate, brownies, ice cream and flavored coffee I've resently consumed ...  therein the reason for my leaving the house for a few hours today while my darling dears went with their dad this morning
while I could still waddle out the door before
consuming the rest
 ... but that's our little secret!

I'm also working a deal with my very dear LQS owner to sew in her back room during my lunch hour since her shop is so close ... that might improve my mood too, possibly?


  1. LOVE the purse as well as the wonderful models!What fun! So happy to see you sewing again! Will be watching you!

  2. Cute cute!!! Can you tell me what the pattern name is?

  3. Very cute bag~ and adorable models! How fun to sew during your break! Have a happy week!

  4. Love, love all the pocketses...and yes, time at the machine will get a big smile going! LOL Course, the lil cutiepies will, too! Hey, if you are going to sew on your lunch hour, you will be following in my shoes - haha! My "commute" each morning is down the stairs, and ya know what is sitting about 8 feet away from my desk? Yep, my machine!! Heehee - you can guess what I do on my lunch break!
    Jacque at Lilypadquilting

  5. Can we sit together, be moody, eat chocolate and get fat together? lol
    Colleen H.

  6. Ok smiles everywhere ok, maybe the occasional ouch..but the new bag...pretty cool...ok way cool..we still say that dont' we?

  7. now let's try that again..I was fixing something for Marlene..and was still her..but I am me..sew that is my comment up there lol

  8. Great purse!!

    I haven't had time to sew for a while either and my blogs are sorely neglected. Such is life....

    Love ya, Wen!

  9. How cute...good finish! Your girls are sweet.

  10. Wishing you a 'happy Monday'! Slowly back away from the chocolate........ I know who you are and what you are doing!!!! (((smiles)))

  11. Love the purse! Also... give your daughter an old broomhandle or something to use as a sort of cane whiel she learns to skate. Makes it much easier!

  12. Very awesome Hat Purse... Where did you find the pattern. I love all the pockets.

  13. Cute, cute purse, but cuter kids! And what a fun thing to be able to sew during your lunch hour. You could actually get a lot done then. :) blessings, marlene