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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Join Me?

This weekend I won't be in blogland ....  I'll be here:
Always on the second Saturday in July
(click on the words above to link into website for more information)

picture borrowed from  The Stitchin Post blog
  "Nature's Symphony"
the 2011 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show™ poster
Painting by Kathy Deggendorfer.

If you happen to be in the area and are attending the show, email me,
 I'd love to meet up with my bloggi-hood friends!!

I did mention in a previous post I was going to attempt
to make a certain tote bag to take with me.

Well ...

Beautiful bag ... even if I do say so myself :) :)

Really like the sides, though they were a real "you know what" to sew!

Even a side-front cell phone pocket!

I did it!!

Word to the wise ... do not attempt this purse under a deadline, unless you enjoy a challenge, a serious challenge.  Another hint, follow every. single. solitary. instruction to a "t" ... this is not a pattern to skip ahead on. Do not take short cuts.  Seriously! 
I'm seriously glad I accomplished this .... I may still attempt the purse,
however, it may take another year to think on it :)

I'm not totally sold on the handle fabric.  I know this may cover the soilage a bit better, however, I didn't have enough for the piping on the side panel pockets which would have tied everything together better.

Oh well ... I can always attempt to sell it after this weekend ... or during this weekend :)  One slightly used, home made, quality tote bag, created using a pattern by Amy Butler may be up for sale for considerably cheaper than can be bought in stores ;)

The purse will have the zippered interior pockets plus the magnetic closure ... which possibly could have been done here had I taken more time, but since I wasn't totally sold on the fabric .... I'm happy, really happy, its finished!!!

Oh!  And can you look at this picture and guess what new skill my darling daughters have learned while mommy's at work?

Yes ... they learned how to make pony tails!!
Yes ... they just had to make mommy's hair "real pretty!"
I love my girls ...
I'm not telling how long we sat and practiced ....
nor how long I walked around the house ...
looking oh so pretty

I will return with what I hope to be very good, nice and beautiful pictures,
from my very exciting trip to visit the Sisters' Oregon Quilt Show ...

I wish you all the happiest of happies this weekend!!

Happy hugs and warm heart wishes~~


  1. Oh, lucky duck you - look forward to your sharing!

  2. Love your tote! Although the pony-tails are exceedingly beautiful as well!!! What talented daughters you have there! Hope your week-end is the best ever!
    See you there in Sisters at the Quilt Show!

  3. I'm trying really hard not to be jealous! Sisters! Ahhhh...

  4. Lucky! All the kids in Sisters are gonna be jealous of that tote! Have fun and bring us back lots of pictures!

  5. Have fun at the quilt show.....

    love the pruse and do(funny).

  6. OHhh gosh I wish I could go with you...say hi to the sisters and all of their quilts...and the bag, tote...wow..look at all those pockets...did good...noooooooooo did fantastic..and on a deadline..goodness knows how you did that...and the girls pony tails...mmmmmm they need more practice lol

  7. Awesome pony tails! Nice bag too. Enjoy the quilt show. Wish I could join you but the drive across the country is a bit much. ;)

  8. Your bag is beautiful! And look at all of the pockets!!
    Enjoy the quilt show. I look forward to viewing the show through all of the pictures you will be taking :)

  9. Warm hugs to you and wishes for a safe journey! Will you let the girls "do" your hair for the trip?! LOL Love, love your bag - the first thing I look for in a pattern is POCKETS!! You did a great job, and on a deadline; you are awesome! Have a lovely trip - can't wait to see the pictures you share!
    Jacque in SC

  10. I love that purse and would offer to buy it except I'm not speaking to you because you get to go to Sisters and I don't. :) Seriously jealous. Maybe it's even a sin how jealous I am. Oh dear. Love the ponytails! blessings, marlene

  11. Oh you have fun! and you must wear your hair that way, it is soooo you!!!!

  12. Your tote looks marvelous! What? No pony tails for Sisters? lol Have a fantastic time!

  13. Your hair is stunning! LOL! I'm anxious to hear how your day is going!

  14. Jealous! I have wanted to go to the Sister's quilt show for years. I hope to make it there some year! Can't wait to see your pictures.

  15. Okay, Wendy. You better send me a email telling me about this pattern before I try it. Not sounding like I want to, right? Ughh. I do like yours though.