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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To All My Northern Neighbors...

July 1st is Canada Day!!!

I wish all my wonderful friends living north of the U.S. border ...
which happens to be less than 200 miles
... or 321.8688 kilometers ...
due north of my hometown ...
happy, happy, (safe) celebrations!! 
 So truly, we're basically neighbors, 'eh?

One of my "little" rewards to myself (besides the peace and quiet)
for going back to work, was finally gifting myself with one of these:

I KNOW! Flowers, again!! 
But what's a post without my flowers when they are so darn pretty???
Yay me!! LOL!

I bought myself a Kindle :) :) :) 
So ... now ... shall we all help me find time to use it???

Actually, I'm hoping with my commute into town and "possibly" getting stuck in traffic, lunch time (when I'm not working on hand sewing projects) and late, late at night (again, when I'm not with the kids or hand sewing) I can sneak in a little reading time.

To really knock this one out of the park ... isn't there always "bathroom" time???
NO!!!  Seriously, you know, the bubble-bath, candles, and glass of wine time???
OH YEAH! That's not my life ....
LOL anyway....
Anyway, besides lunch time at work, I thought I'd take it with me on my airplane trip to my mom's next weekend for the Sisters' 36th Outdoor Quilt Show!!!
 (remember last year's post? seriously, take a peek ... what a show!!) 
Think I can stay awake long enough to read?  If so, have any books to recommend? 
I've enjoyed books by Lara Adrian, Cindy Gerard, Christeen Feehan, J.D.Robb/
Norah Roberts, Debbie Macomber, and some really fun/light chick-flick types ...
(nothing heavy on the smut stuff ... sweet but not smutty)

I'll leave you now and look forward to your recommendations and
 ... to each and every Canadian friend ~

Happy Canada Day!!

Happy hugs and warm hearted wishes!

P.S. .... wouldn't it be the ultimate in cool accessories to have one of those
Beam n Read lights to go with my new Kindle???? 
You know, there's still a chance to win one on IHAN's blog hop:

Visit these two blogs today and you'll have a chance:
... warning though ... 
I'm trying too, so don't trip on your way over,
or I might just run ya over!!
Good luck!!!


  1. Congratulations on you first week of work and the sweet 'reward'! I LOVE your Kindle!! You are soooo funny! (((smiles))) See you in the darkened closet as you read the latest... Enjoy your weekend!

  2. And as much as like reading books..nothing like having it in hand..my kindle I love when I travel out for the day, and if I am in a seminar and hear about a book, I download it immediately...1 minute and you did not have to leave to go to a store...there are sew many reasons why I love it...I love your grey one..I got one of the very first..they were white then...and still works fabulously..sew yes the Beam N Read with the kindle would be the perfect date for 1 lol

  3. You're going to Sisters? Oh I want to go with you! And you're going to love, love, love the Kindle. I belong to goodreads.com so if you join it and "friend" me you can see all the books I've read lately and how I rated them. blessings, marlene

  4. So glad you rewarded yourself for your first week....I am absolutely green with envy - you are actually going to Sisters!!! Ah! The joyful anticipation! (I mean me, looking forward to your pictures when you return! Grin!) Have a safe and fun trip....sorry I don't have a book to recommend! :)
    Jacque in SC

  5. mad crazy about the Janet Evonavich novels...and currently about 1/2 way through David Balducci's newest "One Summer" - very good. Enjoy Sister's, can't wait to see pics. Laurie

  6. Check out Amazon. You can get free books. Also, many classics (think Jane Austin) are free downloads. =)