“In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. . . . And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.” Romans 12:6-8

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ribbit! Ribbit! ... zzzzzz

Okay ... pardon the title, but hey, what's a girl to say when there's so much going on???

First and most momentus in our household ... today was the last day of school for my kindergartener, so as a Teacher Appreciation Gift, we decided to make this: 
 I made this by enlarging to 200% Me and My Sister Designs' Frog Patch pattern with their permission.  I actually saw on one of the SLC Quilt Market photos where Me and My Sister did this and had it sitting in their display. ... loved it and just had to do it!  I also used Me and My Sister Designs fabric ... mostly Dilly Dally, I believe, with a few others mixed it.  Doesn't it just look happy? 
Emily certainly thinks so:
Since today was our last day of school, we just had to make the teacher a "thank you" gift and since she decorates with frogs .... what's better for a kindergarten classroom? 
Since I was up until 1:30 am stuffing this "little" froggie as Emily spent all day Wednesday feeling ill on the couch and missing her "unbirthday" party at school ... Mr. Froggie had to help me get some last minute touches finished this morning before school.  Pretty good helper, eh?

Monday was my niece's birthday ... I fell a little behind, so got this made by Tuesday and mailed on Wednesday: 
It's the Swanky Bag by This & That Patterns by Sherri K. Falls.  I used Sandy Gervais' Springtime fabric line.

In between sewing this, and sewing that, and running here and running there, I took a moment to capture these beautiful pansy pictures ....

I considered it my "stop and smell the roses" moment.  Actually, we've had rain just about all week (see the rain drops on the flowers?) so with it so nice outside, I just had to enjoy the moment, and share with you all :)

Tuesday, Emily's kindergarten class put
on a play about the Solar System: 
 Emily was Saturn ...

deep sigh ... we haven't even backtracked to Monday yet.

Monday, Emily's elementary had track and field day:

Even she was tired when the day was over.

Seriously?  It's only Thursday???

I think I'll go to bed and see ya all on Saturday :)

Thanks for sharing my week, backwards-post as it was, and I hope to have lots more to share with you real soon.  Until then, thank you ever so much for stopping by, staying a moment and letting me know you were here. 
I so appreciate you!

OH! And I finally figured out what I'm doing to do for my Blog Followers Appreciation Giveaway!!  Stay tuned!  You are so gonna love this as I do  ... so ... :) :)

Hugs to one and all ...


  1. Good Afternoon! I completely love your projects! How can it possibly be the end of the school year yet? I bet 'Mr-Froggie' will be loved in his new home! What a wonderful thoughtful gift. The purce for your neice is wonderful. As always you have had a full and priductive week. Happy you shared the pansies...they are lovely!

  2. Love the great big frog... so clever in patchwork...

  3. Wendy , way cute just loved your froggie, what a neat gift for teacher. It is so hard to know what to do for the teachers. Love the bag you are a busy lady. Can you send me some energy ,it has been so hot up here in Canada, went from low to high 90s in one day but don't want to complain because we have had so much rain. Hugs Sandra

  4. The frog is just too cute. And I love the bag, too. How did it get to be summer already?

  5. I love the froggie - but then I do blog for my daughter's site, OleFrogEyes, right? LOL Your stitching and fabric choices make that bag just perfect! Here's hoping you have some relaxation time this weekend!
    Jacque in SC

  6. The froggie is too cute.........I love your pansies.....boy could we use some of your rain... after having such a rainy April and May we have had no rain in 11 days. The clouds just seem to jump over Canton Michigan......have a happy day!!!

  7. The frog is really cute...what a GREAT idea to enlarge the pattern! I will look at these kinds of patterns very differently from now on! Lucky teacher!


  8. Wendy, I love your frog. What a great idea. and your little Emmy is just so darn cute!! I also love the bag, my you have had a busy week!!

  9. Wendy,
    What a great week- busy but that's good! And I love the big frog! Reminds me of one I made many years ago when I was a girl - it was knitted but big like that! I gave it to my good friend, who became my sister in law and who gave it to my son when he was small! We still have it!
    Hope your frog has a great life too!

  10. Wendy I remember fondly weeks like that. But I confess I don't want them back. :) Love the frog but really love the bag! I just bought a new purse pattern this week and I'm anxious to try it. I wonder if hand stitching it is going to work out. :( blessings, marlene

  11. Oh My, being I am French and Frogs are almost always referred to together....I am ribbit excited too...Enlarging it too..how cool is that..he is rather big..but can we talk of your fine purse..love that bunches..very missy in fact..
    Summer is here...love to see kids playing..

  12. LOVE that froggie!!! We had a Kindergarten graduation last week ourselves. I'm sad my baby is going into 1st grade in September. Last day of school is tomorrow and she's really looking forward to that. Have a great one! Oh and that bag is to die for!