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Saturday, June 4, 2011

PURE Baby Fun

So ... Wednesday afternoon I received an invitation to a baby shower.
 .... a baby shower to be held on Sunday of the same week.
Okay, so yeah, I could have run to town and spent money on typical baby gifts ...
in fact, while purchasing gift wrap for shower gift,
I did pick up a couple of little baby rattles,
I mean, seriously, who can resist baby toys??? :)
Well ... after assessing my stash of fabrics and comparing my
available stash to quilt patterns,
I decided on this Moda Bake Shop Baby Life pattern by Vanessa of V and Co.
Fininished size is roughly 41 x 43 ... can you guess which fabric I used???
Oh, and I used minkee for the backing.

With this line of material and these appliqued words ...
how sweet for a new baby :)
Besides the beautiful day we had here, I wanted to show how cushy this quilt will be,
with the minkee backing and the poly-fiber fill ... weighty and cozy! 
This quilt was very easy and quick.  I chose to make a couple of changes from the original pattern for the sake of timeliness, but in the end, I'm even happier with it.
  Even better ... fabrics from my stash! Ha!! 
Double score points if anyone is keeping track.
The girls and I took the afternoon to attend the opening of the
new splash deck our modest little town now has.
Thanks to the Christy Parrott Foundation and all the hard work of the volunteers,
It's absolutely wonderful! It was said that Ms. Parrott, with her spot in heaven,
was able to order this fine weather for the grand opening ... special indeed!
 Oh yeah!  Remember that really cool kite I shared with your here
The coolest thing has happened for my daughter's wall hanging ...
I've made the top 5 of May's Moda Bake Shop contest ... top 5!! 
Pretty cool, huh!!!???!! 
Did you know a vote from you could shoot me to number one
for the month and that would be even cooler!!!!

Thank you ever so much for stopping in to visit with me ... I'm off to start and finish the birthday present for my niece that I should have had in the mail today ... I know, shame on me ... but I'm finding there are only so many days in the hours ....
um ... hours in the day .... I that would be called a Fruedian slip?
 Love and hugs to each and every one of you!!


  1. Voted!! Send some sunshine north please!!

  2. What a wonderful gift that baby quilt will make! Someone is going to be thrilled! I can hardly believe you had such great weather for the girls to attend the opening of such a fun water-park! Yay!
    Hope you have an excellent week!

  3. You got my vote, Wendy - I loved the kites!!

  4. I voted Wendy! and thank you for that cute pattern link...I need to work up a couple baby gifts...so this will be great! Is it hard to applique all those letters? that part scares me! I'm working on something now, so maybe I'll start this next. =)

  5. That baby quilt is going to be a favorite - I can see a little one dragging it around! I've already voted for your kite so I hope you win. :) blessings, marlene

  6. I made that quilt a few months back too! So cute. I voted for your kites too. Love 'em!

  7. I already voted for you! All the projects were great however I LOVE the kite.

  8. A wonderful baby quilt...LUCKY is the person who your giving it to!! Yep!

    Congrats on the Moda Bake Shop honors!!


  9. Love your baby quilt, and I went right away to vote! Congratulations on the Moda honors!
    Jacque in SC

  10. Of course I voted for you....and yes I saw that ruffled pillow...but I kept imagining ruffles on the kite..seriously...I really loved yours most..and can we talk the baby quilt..ohhhhh my goodness...pretty cool if you ask me...have fun today..I met the MOM and baby will be drooling over this...

  11. Just back from votin' for ya girlfriend! Just love your kite! And, that baby quilt is TOO DARN CUTE!! You amaze me girl! Mary's quilt will be coming to you soon for quilting :) Have a great week!

  12. I voted for you! When I saw that kite on your blog, I thought: "Oh my, I HAVE to make one of those!" Great finish on the baby quilt!